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Rich Edit control and Bitmaps ???

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  • Rich Edit control and Bitmaps ???

    I am assuming that somehow a Rich Edit control can display
    Bitmap Images embeded in an RTF file, but I can't see how
    to impliment the feature.

    I can stream RTF text into the Rich Edit control, but I don't know
    where to start with Images.

    Has anyone been able to display Bitmap Images in a Rich Edit control ?

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"

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    like the people in spain say, ole..

    i once found a doc about this at msdn and they say it shall be
    done as ole objects. posted it as a lame answer once, see:

    never bothered to translate the code myself, but there you have
    it in c++, where c in some cases seems to stand for chinese..