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Avoid "setup" in path/file names..

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  • Avoid "setup" in path/file names..

    Some of you maybe already knew this. I didn't, and so my hair has
    become a bit grayer than yesterday. Thank you, Microsoft, for
    making life as programmer so interesting.. Here's story:

    I create a setup dialog for an editor. As I usual do when I create
    additional dialogs for a program, I create a sub-folder with the
    same name as the dialog and build it as a stand-alone exe first.
    Faster to load and rebuild, etc, that way.

    Okay, so the file name is "SetupDlg.bas", the folder is named
    "SetupDlg" and the exe becomes "SetupDlg.exe". Standard DDT used.
    I design, add a tab control and all that's needed, compile and it
    looks fine. When I close the dialog I notice that the hourglass
    mouse pointer blinks a couple of times, indicating that something
    happens, just after the dialog has been closed. ?

    I tear the dialog apart. Uncomment it piece by piece, and the
    hourglass keeps on blinking at exit. Finally, there's only the
    actual creation of the dialog left - DIALOG NEW.. Hourglass
    blinking just after exit is still there.

    I become slightly desperate. I move the dialog to another folder
    and test, same thing happens. I test another small app', almost
    identical code - no hourglass blinking at exit. Now my mind also
    starts blinking. What's up?

    I move the "non-blinking" exe to first dialog's folder, start,
    close, and the hourglass mouse pointer shows up - blink, blink.
    Eh..? I rename the folder to "OptDlg", rename the original code
    to "OtpDlg.bas", compile and voila - the blinking is gone!

    To confirm my suspicions, I test "non-blinking" code again. Rename
    it to "ASetupB.bas", compile - and the hourglass mouse pointer
    blinks at exit. Aha! Change it back to original, "TestApp.bas",
    compile, and the blinking is gone. Move TestApp.exe to "SetupDlg"
    folder, and blinking at exit is back. Also test with the word
    "install" in exe name - blinking is back.

    Case closed. I suspect some registry issue - whenever an application
    includes the words "setup" or "install" somewhere in the full path
    name, the system seems to make some automatic checks/writings when
    that program is closed down. Really weird, IMHO, but good to have
    in mind for future design..


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    What O/S's did you find this behavior on?

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      Windows98, both first and second edition. Haven't tried in ME yet.
      Easy to test - simply rename a folder or program to include the
      word "setup" and see what happens. Fun test I just did - rename
      Notepad.exe to "NotepadSetup.exe" and/or "NotepadInstall.exe".
      Same thing happens, system updates something when I close the program..

      It's not really a problem, but it sure caused me a lot of work,
      because I was certain something was wrong with my code. When only
      DIALOG NEW.. remained of the code, it was obvious it was something



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        Did you disable any "monitoring" applications, like anti-virus, etc, before running these tests? My Win98 machine is down at the moment so I can't verify these results on a "clean" machine.

        Interesting observation anyway!

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          Hm, no anti-virus software or monitoring uninstallers installed in
          the two machines I have tested.

          I get a feeling the Explorer is involved somehow, because with it
          open, I can see the entire system becomes updated, thereby causing
          the hourglass to show for a brief moment - same as pressing F5 in
          the Explorer.



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            I tried your NotepadSetup.exe test on Windows 98 Second Edition
            and I get the same results as you get.

            This is VERY weird!!

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