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  • Bios Serial Number

    How read Bios serial number with PBCC or PBDLL ?


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    Not sure all BIOS's have a serial number. Still a bit tricky to
    get any such info from Windows, unless you use the Registry. Look
    under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\BIOS and see if there's an easy way
    to get a serial num that way. I couldn't find any for my machine..

    Question is why you need it. If for copy protection, forget it.
    You'll only end up in trouble when your users change computer or
    change hardware inside computer. Imagine what happens if you
    have a thousand users and they all start buying new equipment..



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      Thank You Borje,
      My question is to develop a copy protection system.
      Help me



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        I don't know what sort of software you are developing, but I've used Rainbow's hardware dongle with PB with nice results. I think their web site is I'd have to dig into my files to find out for sure. Let me know if you are interested.

        Bernard Ertl

        Bernard Ertl
        InterPlan Systems


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          Hardware protection schemes are just that, schemes. The dreaded
          dongle in my opinion is passed it's day. If anyone really wants
          to see how your code functions, it's just a matter of
          dis-assembling. All there is to it. The dongle can be decoded
          rather easily also and they can mysteriously disappear.

          My suggestion would be toward not locking. Unless your software
          can prevent the destruction of the world by mankind or other
          external elements, it's purely a waste of time and money. I'm
          not saying it can't be done by soft locking, but the question
          remains, IS IT WORTH IT? In most cases, probably not.

          Most people come by their software honestly. Just my $.02 worth.




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            I believe there is a time and place for copy protection. You need to consider
            your market, and who you are protecting your software against. It
            would make no sense to copy protect some decss type software which is
            aimed at those skilled enough to crack it. It also makes little sense
            for Microsoft to apply protection to software they sell for several hundered
            dollars. The goal is to make buying the software easier than trying
            to crack it.

            I have some software which is aimed at high school and college students.
            I have implemented a copy protection scheme based on the hard drive serial
            number. Yes, I have to re-register them if they re-format their drive.
            I simply track the frequency of their reformats to determine the likelihood
            of dishonesty.

            GetVolumeInfo will return a Long Integer volume serial number.


            John Kovacich

            John Kovacich
            Ivory Tower Software