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  • Edwin Knoppert

    But i'm still searching...
    The package help mentions using external dll's.

    TObject or TWincontrol might be used.
    But i'm very confused how the DLL is loaded.
    (I think it is possible)

    Borland is able to load different types of commctrls dll's or richedit controls too.
    All defines are visible.
    I still think a package can be used for external classes.

    All other tricks like createwindow is of course soimething what will work.
    But we like to write a few borland wrappers to speak with the control.
    So far we can build a package wich loads the control upon a borland control.
    This is equal to VB's usercontrol.

    I don't like that much.


    [email protected]

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  • jcfuller
    I don't think it's possible to write a dll that can be used in the visual designer
    of Builder but you should be able to use the control by calling it in code.
    Have the Builder Program load your dll and then have an init routine in your
    dll that registers the class. Then you should be able to use CreateWindowEx in C++ code.



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  • Paul Dwyer
    I thought that BCB design-time controls had to be written in VCL! Although activeX is now supported too.
    I only have BCB 4.0 Pro which is a bit dated but I would think that creating those controls in PB would be close to impossible.

    But my knowledge of how non OO languages connect to objects is a bit fuzzy, and would appreciate links to any articles on the subject



    Paul Dwyer
    Network Engineer
    Aussie in Tokyo
    (Paul282 at VB-World)

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  • Edwin Knoppert
    started a topic Borlands packages

    Borlands packages

    Sorry for asking here, i can't find a useful Borland newsgroup for this question

    I build PB/DLL DLL's for my Borland(cbuilder) colleages.
    I would like to use them my own written controls in Borlands design time.
    While i read a lot of the Packages subject, i can not find info how to use a PB created windowclass.

    The story is very simple, i create a new windowclass, "mywndclass"
    I need the Package to load the DLL and have the new windowclass prepared.
    (For designtime purposes of course)
    I don't want the control created upon a existing twincontrol window or sort of.
    Not ala VB's usercontrol.

    Anyone a small, understandable example please..


    [email protected]