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  • CSIDL update

    I'm doing a lot of stuff with SHGetSpecialFolderLocation() these days, so I updated the %CSIDL_ equates:
    %CSIDL_DESKTOP                               = &H0000  ' <desktop>
    %CSIDL_INTERNET                              = &H0001  ' Internet Explorer (icon on desktop)
    %CSIDL_PROGRAMS                              = &H0002  ' Start Menu\Programs
    %CSIDL_CONTROLS                              = &H0003  ' My Computer\Control Panel
    %CSIDL_PRINTERS                              = &H0004  ' My Computer\Printers
    %CSIDL_PERSONAL                              = &H0005  ' My Documents
    %CSIDL_FAVORITES                             = &H0006  ' <user name>\Favorites
    %CSIDL_STARTUP                               = &H0007  ' Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    %CSIDL_RECENT                                = &H0008  ' <user name>\Recent
    %CSIDL_SENDTO                                = &H0009  ' <user name>\SendTo
    %CSIDL_BITBUCKET                             = &H000A  ' <desktop>\Recycle Bin
    %CSIDL_STARTMENU                             = &H000B  ' <user name>\Start Menu
    %CSIDL_DESKTOPDIRECTORY                      = &H0010  ' <user name>\Desktop
    %CSIDL_DRIVES                                = &H0011  ' My Computer
    %CSIDL_NETWORK                               = &H0012  ' Network Neighborhood
    %CSIDL_NETHOOD                               = &H0013  ' <user name>\nethood
    %CSIDL_FONTS                                 = &H0014  ' windows\fonts
    %CSIDL_TEMPLATES                             = &H0015
    %CSIDL_COMMON_STARTMENU                      = &H0016  ' All Users\Start Menu
    %CSIDL_COMMON_PROGRAMS                       = &H0017  ' All Users\Programs
    %CSIDL_COMMON_STARTUP                        = &H0018  ' All Users\Startup
    %CSIDL_COMMON_DESKTOPDIRECTORY               = &H0019  ' All Users\Desktop
    %CSIDL_APPDATA                               = &H001A  ' <user name>\Application Data
    %CSIDL_PRINTHOOD                             = &H001B  ' <user name>\PrintHood
    %CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA                         = &H001C  ' <user name>\Local Settings\Applicaiton Data (non roaming)
    %CSIDL_ALTSTARTUP                            = &H001D  ' non localized startup
    %CSIDL_COMMON_ALTSTARTUP                     = &H001E  ' non localized common startup
    %CSIDL_COMMON_FAVORITES                      = &H001F
    %CSIDL_INTERNET_CACHE                        = &H0020
    %CSIDL_COOKIES                               = &H0021
    %CSIDL_HISTORY                               = &H0022
    %CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA                        = &H0023  ' All Users\Application Data
    %CSIDL_WINDOWS                               = &H0024  ' GetWindowsDirectory()
    %CSIDL_SYSTEM                                = &H0025  ' GetSystemDirectory()
    %CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES                         = &H0026  ' C:\Program Files
    %CSIDL_MYPICTURES                            = &H0027  ' C:\Program Files\My Pictures
    %CSIDL_PROFILE                               = &H0028  ' USERPROFILE
    %CSIDL_SYSTEMX86                             = &H0029  ' x86 system directory on RISC
    %CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILESX86                      = &H002A  ' x86 C:\Program Files on RISC
    %CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMON                  = &H002B  ' C:\Program Files\Common
    %CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMONX86               = &H002C  ' x86 Program Files\Common on RISC
    %CSIDL_COMMON_TEMPLATES                      = &H002D  ' All Users\Templates
    %CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS                      = &H002E  ' All Users\Documents
    %CSIDL_COMMON_ADMINTOOLS                     = &H002F  ' All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
    %CSIDL_ADMINTOOLS                            = &H0030  ' <user name>\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
    %CSIDL_CONNECTIONS                           = &H0031  ' Network and Dial-up Connections
    %CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE                           = &H8000  ' combine with CSIDL_ value to force folder creation in SHGetFolderPath()
    %CSIDL_FLAG_DONT_VERIFY                      = &H4000  ' combine with CSIDL_ value to return an unverified folder path
    %CSIDL_FLAG_MASK                             = &HFF00  ' mask for all possible flag values

    Home of the BASIC Gurus
    Home of the BASIC Gurus

  • #2
    Should we cut & paste those equates into our file?

    Bernard Ertl
    Bernard Ertl
    InterPlan Systems


    • #3
      Dave --
      it's necessary to add comment "valid for ...".
      For example, I see CSIDL, which are available under Win2000 only.

      E-MAIL: [email protected]


      • #4
        All but the last four are in the current Win32API. We'll get the rest
        added presently. "Valid for..." is an issue we leave to the programmer.

        The latest Win32API is always available from the Files section here.

        Tom Hanlin
        PowerBASIC Staff


        • #5
          A couple of those that are marked "valid for Win2000 only" actually work in Windows ME as well (from what I read in the newsgroups).

          I also understand that the new IE6 update will add support for them all in Windows 98.


          Home of the BASIC Gurus

          Home of the BASIC Gurus


          • #6

            Please update the text with the link where one downloads the Win32API file, somewhere in the files section.
            It says "latest version somewhere in 1999". I only checked the actual file itself recently and it was very recent instead. If I had know that I would have downloaded it more often.


            [email protected]
            [email protected]


            • #7
              The latest Win32API can be downloaded from:
              As the page notes at this time, the file was last updated on
              January 4, 2001. If you see an earlier date, you're presumably
              getting an old page from your browser's cache, and may wish to
              set your browser to cache less aggressively.

              Tom Hanlin
              PowerBASIC Staff


              • #8
                Hmm, I wonder what happened. I downloaded the file 4 days ago on the 22nd.
                I remember seeing a 1999 date but downloaded anyway and the file was very recent.
                I've never seen my Netscape behave like that before...

                Maybe I've been time travelling. Either that or I must have been too tired at the time.


                [email protected]
                [email protected]