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Really fundamental instance puzzle

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  • Really fundamental instance puzzle

    Take a very simple program, such as the HELLO.BAS program supplied
    with PBDLL 6 in the SAMPLES directory. Add the line,

    msgbox str$(curInst)

    where curInst is the first parameter passed to WinMain. Compile
    and then run n (n > 1) instances of the program. I get n message
    boxes all saying 4194304. I thought the current instance handle
    value should be different for each instance of a program. Why
    are mine all the same?

    Keith Waters


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    This could be a puzzle for Win16 developers only.
    Under Win32 all processes are independent and address x in process 1 doesn't have the same phisical location as address x in process 2.

    Numeration of addresses begins from 0 in each process.
    Because a set of modules, which OS automatic loads in each process, is "permanent", an address of started program is also fixed.

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      Thanks Semen

      I realise you have put your finger exactly on the truth. It's
      just that I had been confused by Petzold's statement in his book,

      "Each copy is called an 'instance", and each has a different
      hInstance value."

      Thanks again for your reply.



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