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Scrolling Window with x000 lines of text

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  • Scrolling Window with x000 lines of text

    I have built a DLL that is called thousands of times by TradeStation as it goes through my chart Bar by bar.

    Each time it calls my DLL it send a STRING (with all my variables in it) to the DLL.

    I want to create a new window with each line on a new line (not one long line) that I can scroll up and down in to examine whats there. I do not need to store the lines of text in the code.

    I would also like to be able to grab and resize the window.

    I think the repositioning and dismissing of it will be allready built in.

    Kind Regards

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    Depending on amount of data, use a listbox. No matter how you do it,
    it always cost memory. If you keep data in array and use the virtual
    listbox I posted to so source code, you actually save a few bytes,
    since ordinary listbox stores extra 8 bytes per item as itemdata.

    As for grabbing and resizing control. There are several samples of this
    in source code forum. Keyword is WM_NCHITTEST..