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Visual Programming with objects : Properties and Events of Form Component

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  • Visual Programming with objects : Properties and Events of Form Component

    Dear Sir,

    - PROPERTY TAB for the FORM component:

    * Active Control
    * Align
    * Anchors
    * AutoScroll
    * AutoSize
    * BiDiMode
    * BorderIcons
    * BorderStyle
    * BorderWidth
    * Caption
    * ClientHeight
    * ClientWidth
    * Color
    * Constraints
    * Cursor
    * DefaultMonitor
    * DockSite
    * DragKind
    * DragMode
    * Enabled
    * Font
    * FormStyle
    * Height
    * HelpContext
    * HelpFile
    * Hint
    * HorizScrollBar
    * Icon
    * KeyPreview
    * Left
    * Menu
    * Name
    * ObjectMenuItem
    * ParentBiDiMode
    * ParentFont
    * PixelsPerInch
    * PopupMenu
    * Position
    * PrintScale
    * Scale
    * ShowHint
    * Tag
    * Top
    * UseDockManager
    * VertScrollBar
    * Visible
    * Width
    * WindowMenu
    * WindowState

    - EVENTS of an Form component

    * OnActivate
    * OnCanResize
    * OnClick
    * OnClose
    * OnCloseQuery
    * OnContrainedResize
    * OnContextPopup
    * OnCreate
    * OnDblClick
    * OnDeactivate
    * OnDestroy
    * OnDockDrop
    * OnDragDrop
    * OnDragOver
    * OnEndDoc
    * OnGetSiteInfo
    * OnHelp
    * OnHide
    * OnKeyPress
    * OnKeyDown
    * OnKeyUp
    * OnMouseDown
    * OnMouseMove
    * OnMouseUp
    * OnMouseWheel
    * OnMouseWheelDown
    * OnMouseWheelUp
    * OnPaint
    * OnResize
    * OnShortCut
    * OnShow
    * OnStartDock
    * OnUnDock

    Steven and Students


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    Are you in any way related to Stephane Fonteyne?


    [email protected]


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      Are you in any way related to Stephane Fonteyne?





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        Thanks for the ideas Steven. PowerBASIC does not currently support "forms", so I guess we'd have to start there.

        If/when PowerBASIC makes the move to become Object Orientated, I would imagine many of those sorts of Properties would be implemented for the DDT "CLASSES", but as any API programmer will tell you, most of those things are actually handled (simply) with control styles, messages to the control, calls to the Windows API, or via your own message handler. If you want fast efficicent code, then you can;t get any faster than direct calls, etc.

        Regarding Message-crackers (OnResize, et al.), these can easily be implemented with the compiler today. Set up a table of CODEPTR's and branch with CALL DWORD according to the message. Mr James C. Fuller is an expert (and pioneer!) in this type of code, and has a code generator that produces message-cracker style output.

        Lauding the benefits of OOP is fine, but OOP has many other uses than just GUI programming.

        That said, I'll be passing your notes along to R&D.

        PowerBASIC Support
        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
        mailto:[email protected]


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          Hi Lance

          Ok, I understand your opinion but if you the market expance to a big group
          of PowerBasic Users in the world you following the market like
          the other thirth part products like the big software developer companies
          like Borland Inprise because I think that PowerBasic is Ready for
          implementing OOP concept and it's very usefull that PowerBasic
          users can uses Delphi components like the VCL library.
          I have I new name that Visual PowerBasic Library with all the DLL's
          build-in (the component classes)
          - PB7STD32.DLL and static lib PB7STD32.PBL
          - PB7ADD32.DLL and static lib PB7ADD32.PBL
          - PB7WIN32.DLL and static lib PB7WIN32.DLL
          - PB7SYS32.DLL and static lib PB7SYS32.DLL
          - PB7DATA32.DLL and static lib PB7DATA32.DLL
          - PB7INET32.DLL and static lib PB7INET32.DLL
          - PB7DLG32.DLL and static lib PB7INET32.DLL
          You can then combined this in pakages like this or combined part
          you code in the static libraries build-in the exe-code (fastcompile)

          Runtime module is dan separared such as
          PB7VCL32.PBL or PB7VCL32.PBL

          Last thing is uses and access the VCL50 library of Delphi or C++ Builder
          and then used their components

          Selfcreating components is usefull for me

          Thats is it

          Question: Why not an Visual IDE with forms, controls and projects is
          that so difficult for building?
          I have now problem if that product cost $300.00



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            Are you on drugs? or do people like, tell you to "Calm down" a lot?

            Considering PB's policy on discussing these sorts of things it seems like you getting a little over excited about the whole thing,

            If you want a job there, then send them a resume! I'm Sure Lance will pass that along as well.

            you put more effort into your posts than I put into my code!


            Paul Dwyer
            Network Engineer
            Aussie in Tokyo
            (Paul282 at VB-World)