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Regarding Between, In and Like functions..

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  • Regarding Between, In and Like functions..

    None of the suggested functions in source code is very useful. By
    placing them in separate functions, you only add a bunch of instructions
    that takes un-necessary time, without making things much easier.

    Instead of using "IF PBBetween(X, LVal, HVal)", it's much faster and
    easier to use "IF (X > LVal) AND (X < HVal) THEN" directly in code.
    Same with the others. Simply use the core functions directly in code.

    Tip for optimization: When checking for range of values, put the most
    probable case first. It's a flow, where code bounces out on first
    "hit". In sample above, if X in most cases will be higher, put
    (X < HVal) check first so it won't have to check lower range first.
    Can save lots of time in huge loops..


  • #2
    See now Stephane grabbed samples generously given by Michael Mattias
    in newsgroup. While the above still applies, not a very nice thing to
    do, grab something and then call it "my code".

    Michael was very kind to help you out there, Stephane, so I suggest you
    apologize to him for this. Things like this makes people unwilling to help..