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  • Need a compass

    Could someone point me in the right direction, please?

    I would like to build an app that has several .JPG pictures in a directory which it can choose from (cycle through). It would load one picture each time it is run and display it on a dialog.

    Is there any sample code for loading a .JPG at runtime and displaying it on a dialog?


    Bernard Ertl
    Bernard Ertl
    InterPlan Systems

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    Hi Bern;

    The windows api cannot load up jpg files directly, you will need
    some code to decode the jpg file and convert it to a DIB. Once
    you have this in memory as a bitmap, then you can do what you want
    with it. There are a few DLL's, I remember one was freeware, the
    other from SmallerAnimals _ISSource21.DLL,(currently 750kb) that allow
    you to read many formats and display. They work with RGB data, but
    you can use their functions to create compatible DC's or valid bitmap
    handles. You can also buy their source code ($75USD) and extract the jpg
    routines and have a C++ buddy recompile a new smaller DLL.

    Another image tool that I use is called IrfanView, the EXE is freeware
    but the source code can be purchased. The author says everything was
    written in pure C, no MFC, no C++, just C and the windows api. He
    will sell you sections of his code for a very moderate price. If the
    code is pure C/Win32api, it should be a snap to convert into PB and
    compile into your main EXE.

    Worth a look...



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      Thanks Jules, I'll take a look.

      Bernard Ertl
      Bernard Ertl
      InterPlan Systems