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New Forum for Discussions, open source for the Next compiler Visual Programming

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  • New Forum for Discussions, open source for the Next compiler Visual Programming

    Hello Tom,

    Is it possible that created an new forum in PowerBasic from the
    subject Visual Windows Programming and GUI IDE's???

    - Discussions
    - Open Sourcecode
    - Ideas
    - etc
    - Wishlists about PBE, PowerIDE, EZGUI



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    OK, I've had it. First, we get repeated posts from stephane, now there's a Steven Borghout that posts very similar messages.

    I come here to read about PB issues, not about why PB should be like Delphi, over, over, and over again.

    A good newsgroup is one where the signal-to-noise ratio is high. stephane/Steven/whoever, please STOP it. I don't run this newsgroup, but it's getting old, it's not funny, you've been heard, PB has acknowledged that they've heard your request...are you getting the hint?



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      STEVEN IS AN UNIQUE PERSON it's not me



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        The current forum structure seems to be fully effective, but we will
        keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks.

        Tom Hanlin
        PowerBASIC Staff


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          At vbworld they have a "feedback" forum,

          It's for sugestions, site improvements etc and it helps to keep the code forums clean of endless requests.

          Maybe that would be a good idea, then if theses endless GUI GUI requests were code orentated they'd be here or if they were "Please PB Please" type posts they'd be out of the way.


          Paul Dwyer
          Network Engineer
          Aussie in Tokyo
          (Paul282 at VB-World)


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            Tom, just 1 new forum named "Crap/replies etc.."

            At the moment i can not take anymore of OOP in these forums..

            [email protected]


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              There may be a very good side effect from Stephane and now
              Stephen pushing the virtues of the Delphi line of OOP(s) on a
              repeat basis, it seems to have irritated so many people that
              they may abandon high level languages altogether and write in
              HEX so that they never have to read another whishlist.

              Now we know that REAL men write in HEX and the rest who write
              in assembler and other high level languages are a bunch of
              Windows Icon Mouse Pointers so on average, things may improve
              for the bulk of programmers who come to this forum in search
              of some common sense and relevant issues related to programming.


              [email protected]

              hutch at movsd dot com
              The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries



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                Originally posted by stephane fonteyne:

                STEVEN IS AN UNIQUE PERSON it's not me

                Yes, that's OOP...


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                  I think you nailed it. Two instances of the same class.

                  -- Eric
                  "Not my circus, not my monkeys."


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                    But with a new property: Persistence.

                    PowerBASIC Support
                    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
                    mailto:[email protected]