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Borland C use Resource WorkShop , PB that use

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  • Borland C use Resource WorkShop , PB that use


    I work with VB.

    I need to create a dialogue window, inside a DLL to be worked with VB.

    The necessity is the following one:

    I have a file that has to be drawing of the graphic Type XY
    and I would like to make it with PB.

    PB is very fast, the graph would be made without problems,
    from alone VB he would inform the parameter of Maximum value
    allowed as example: 100.
    if after the time I need to change the parameter of 100 for 90,
    the window will be redrawn automatically.

    Thank you


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    You can use Borland's Resource WorkShop to create the dialog
    just the same as in C/C++. It creates a *.rc file which must
    be translated to a *.pbr file by the PBDLL utility. You just
    include the *.pbr file in your DLL module file and compile.
    All there is to it.

    I used to use this package, but find Visual Studio much more
    powerful in creating resources. One thing to note when using
    Resource WorkShop, it creates a file called resource.h which
    can conflict with PB's resource.h file. You need to change
    this name because it'll trash PB's file!!!