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  • What magazines do you read?

    I'm finding that I read VBPJ less and less, especially since Microsoft
    has directed their focus towards writing code for the internet instead
    of writing code for the PC.

    What magazines do any of you read that might help us with the kinds of
    Windows programming we do with PB? Are there any API oriented magazines?

    (Other than the PB Gazette of course).


    John Kovacich

    John Kovacich
    Ivory Tower Software

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    John, I have to agree with you.

    It seem Micro$oft has been focus solely on internet programing
    and the magazines follow their lead.

    Of course, if anyone here wishes to admit it or not, I took a
    nose-dive on the Stock Market the past several months!
    But at the same time, a few tech-stocks have also kept me from
    losing even more!

    Your best magazine for programing is the Internet Sites:
    And of course many others...however, just because the code is
    VB, you can still port these PB without too much work.




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      I don't find too many hardcopy magazines that cover general windows programming. The C++ ones cover MFC, VB always concentrate on COM/DCOM, etc. The delphi ones always wrap code up in VCL components, etc. Not that any of these things are bad, they're just language specific and don't help the PB programmer much.
      The resources I use most are:
      MSDN on-line
      The source code for delphi that comes with Delphi4/5, etc pro versions.

      Best Regards,

      Don Dickinson