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    PowerTree Speed

    Hi Everybody,

    I was reading through a back issue of PB Gazette and found this

    "PowerTREE is very, very fast. As much as 31 times faster than some
    of the most well-known products in the marketplace. Just in case that
    didn't sink in... up to 3,100% faster than some major players in the
    database market. In the near future, we'll be posting some specific
    benchmarks on our web site at You may wish to
    watch for their arrival. We'll compare the specific performance of
    PowerTREE with the well-known packages like Access, Clipper, FoxPro,
    dBase, VB/Isam, Btrieve, and others. We'll also document some lesser
    known products like CodeBase, and even Bullit. But frankly, that's
    only a formality. In all of our comparative testing thus far, we've
    found nothing which outperforms PowerTREE. Not a one!"

    My question - did these benchmarks ever get posted to the web
    site? I could not find it if they have.


    Paul Squires
    [email protected]
    Paul Squires
    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
    Version 3 now available.

    Good question! I'll have to refer it to the webmaster.

    Regardless, I can tell you from personal experience that PowerTREE is _very_ fast.

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    mailto:[email protected]



      Thanks lance!

      I hope "_very_" is not the terminology used in the benchmark


      Paul Dwyer
      Network Engineer
      Aussie in Tokyo
      (Paul282 at VB-World)


        Hi Paul ,

        Let's be fair in the comparsion part, of what we are really
        talking about.

        First of all PowerTree is a database manager, not a full-blown
        database program.

        Comparing PTree with VB/Isam, with only what PTree provides, sure
        Ptree may be a few seconds faster. But VB/Isam provides so much
        in functions, searches, indexes etc....... that's part of the
        trade off. And you can use VB/Isam's dll with PowerBasic
        (without using VB), if you convert your include files. VB/Isam
        has only one index file, while with PTree you have to create each
        one independantly, for searches, VB/Isam does it on the fly.
        Plus, VB/Isam's dll makes your data files smaller than PTree and
        the list goes on.

        If all we are comparing is SPEED, then PTree of course will win
        the race with VB/Isam, but with PowerBasic and VB/Isam, I'm only
        losing tenth's of seconds compared to Ptree, but there's more to
        a program than just speed!

        I'm not gonna waste anyone's time here, going over the others,
        However, you use the DB Manager that's right for your situation.
        I don't believe there's a one-fits-all solution. There are times
        when you are gonna need tools like; SQL-Tools Pro or Ezgui etc...

        When it comes to a comparison of these products, let's be fair!





          I tried to get ahold of VB/ISAM at 408-224-8778
          a year ago for a password to their VB5 demo and
          get an answering machine.
          Tried again today and still get an answering machine.
          Their web page says they have the best support and
          actually answer the phone. When?
          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

          [This message has been edited by Mike Doty (edited February 07, 2001).]


            I dont know if it is proper to publish Tony Altwies e-mailaddress whithout asking him
            but if you send me a private mail I will provide it.
            He has treated me fast and accurate in the past.
            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


              He got ahold of me and I'm evaluating
              VB/ISAM. If anyone uses the product
              be sure to also download the documentation.
              He wants to include PB headers with the product
              so if anyone has them please get ahold of him.



                Thanks Mike,

                Tony called me yesterday. I sent him some things around a year
                ago, so I'll send him the headers for PB.

                Jim Huguley, help me with the header files around a year ago,
                and he deserves all the credit for this, which I'll pass on
                to Tony.

                Like I stated earlier, VBISAM and PTree are different products.
                VBISAM creates a databases and manages it's own data-files on the fly,
                while PTree is first-rate index manager. Both are great tools and each
                for different purposes.

                Anyone needing any examples, you can ask Tony after I send him
                what I've got.