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  • Lance Edmonds
    When a dialog is instructed to close, the Callback Function gets a %WM_SYSCOMMAND | %SC_CLOSE message. This occurs whether the dialog is closed via the System Menu, the Close box, or a DIALOG END statement.

    Therefore, if you want to distinguish between your own close routine (that uses DIALOG END) and the System Menu/Close selection, return an appropriate value with the user-defined parameter of the DIALOG END statement. This value is then passed to the calling code.

    Since the system Close menu item will close the dialog without regard to a return value, the dialog will return zero to the calling code.

    Therefore, detecting how the dialog was closed from within the _calling_ code is simply a matter of setting the return value in the callback, and checking the dialog return value.

    Clear as mud?

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  • Bern Ertl
    started a topic System menu close box

    System menu close box

    Is there any easy way to distinguish when a user clicks the system menu close box (the X in top right of a dialog) versus a DIALOG END hDlg, 0?


    Bernard Ertl