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    It sure would be nice to have an option when finding/replacing to limit the search to the next END (SUB|FUNCTION) statement. I'm often only interested in the FUNCTION or SUB which I currently working on and it is a pain when the next search result is thousands of lines of code away...

    Bernard Ertl
    Bernard Ertl
    InterPlan Systems

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    I agree. A work-around in current editor is to place the caret at
    a sub's or function's first line, "FUNCTION ThisOrThat()..", right-click
    with the mouse and chose "Select block". This way, entire sub or
    function is selected (found that out after playing around a bit -
    next time, I hope PB will include a help file for the editor as well..)

    Then, copy selection, open up a new doc, paste, do search and replace,
    select and copy all, after which you can return to the original code.
    If you have left the sub/function there selected, you can simply paste
    the changed code back. I often do this to ensure I don't replace stuff
    beyond the sub or function I'm working with.

    Unfortunately, "Select block" doesn't work with CALLBACK FUNCTION,
    but by manually selecting those, one can still use the same approach.