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    EZGUI is great but I find it difficult to use when I want to
    make a change to the form.
    PowerBasic has done a great job with their editor but I still
    find Microsofts editor to be superior in terms of effecint use.

    Perhaps my opinion of editors has been skewed by M$.
    I came across a freeware code editor control.
    The same one Microsoft uses to make their editor do what it does.

    My coding skills are not sufficient to manage a large project
    such as this so I have set up a web page and am volenteering
    to manage a group open source project for a better development
    environment for PowerBasic.

    I will track versions and maintain documentation as well
    as pitch in on coding where I can.

    - advertiser scumbag hijacked link removed -

    Chat with me or send me an email.
    Lets get this thing rolling.



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    The CodeMax DLL has been discussed many times on this BBS in the
    Third Party Utilties Fourm. I strongly disagree that Microsoft(s)
    products we're created with the CodeMax DLL.

    [email protected]


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      Thanks for notifying me about CodeMax in the ThirdParty area.

      You are correct about Microsoft. (Sorta)
      I should have read for a little more detail.

      It is used only in
      Microsoft Visio 2000 Enterprise.

      Still I see a lot of possibility.
      I'll check out the 3rd party section now for listed
      pros and cons.