My son Alex (just turned 16) wanted me to help him learn to program for Windows, so we
decided on an MP3 player as his project. Our objective was to create an MP3 player that
used no third party DLLs or modules of any kind. It had to be written entirely with
PowerBASIC (with the exception of bitmap creation).

We started it about 5 months ago, doing a lot of research along the way. We conducted
an informal survey of over 100 avid MP3 users (most found in the Napster Music Community)
to determine what MP3 player features were really being used and what features were missing
in the most popular MP3 players currently available. Our feature list contains only those
that the vast majority of users said they actually used and a few that we came up with
ourselves. For instance, we added the ability to customize the volume on a song-by-song
basis to compensate for inconsistant volume levels. We also added the abiliy to trim
"dead air" or unwanted content (such as web site ads) from the beginning or the end of
any MP3 title.

We developed the program on a Windows 98SE platform and have tested it on Windows ME,
Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT 4.0. We don't have access to a Windows 95 PC and
since the Windows Media Player 7.0 doesn't run on Windows 95 (required for this MP3 player)
we don't expect to support Windows 95.

This programming project has blossomed into far more than a program. Alex is going to be
setting up a web site to distribute his free MP3 player, in an effort to raise donations
for AIDS support agencies around the U.S. and possibly beyond. The program has been named
GoMAD (Give often... Make A Difference). Our family suffered the loss of a loved one to
the complications of AIDS and The GoMAD Project is being dedicated to his memory.

We were hoping some of you would be willing to beta test GoMAD for us. The web site won't
be up for a month or two, which will give us enough time for any last minute fixes that
might be needed. If you're interested, please leave a message with your email address and
I will send you a copy. Please be advised, we aren't looking for feature suggestions, just
a good solid test on varying platforms.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

[email protected]