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Regional Settings, can they be modified?

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  • Regional Settings, can they be modified?

    Hi fellows,
    Is it possible to modify the Regional Settings on the fly, I mean from within a program and not starting Control Panel?
    I know the SetLocalInfo API is very limited. It only allows you to change a few details (date, time etc.) but not the entire bundle of regional settings in one strike.
    Most likely there is a not documented possibility, however. I'm thinking of modifying the appropriate registry settings and then perform a reboot, but where are they stored?
    I do find the so called "language identifier" in many different places in the registry. Played around with them a while, but did'nt get satisfying results.
    Does someone know?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Sounds like you may be due for a trip to

    PowerBASIC Support
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      Egbert --
      At first, to change default language requires a lot of changes and not in registry only (for example, console fonts).
      But main problem that changing default language will affect other programs.
      For example, some filenames, which includes letters from previous language, becomes non-readable.
      My Documents in russian release has name Ìîè äîêóìåíòû.
      Very doubt that you see the same as I (first letter is 100% equal latin M, second - "o").
      Exactly the same will happend on my PC, if I will set Dutch as default.

      To require own language (<> English) on foreign PC is impossible.
      Simply - if this question is really important -
      1) you should make bi-language program (Dutch/English depends of LCID)
      2) or to use own-drawn elements, where it possible to select charset, and process scan codes directly
      (last is not easy, but requires a lot of work).

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