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  • Tom Hanlin
    The use of time/date stamps for indicating the version goes back to DOS
    days. DOS does not provide any intrinsic version information handling,
    and DOS time/date stamps don't take locale into account. It is likely
    that future releases will rely more on Windows version resources but,
    as these can only attach to executables, the time/date system may well
    continue in parallel.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff

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  • Fred Oxenby
    started a topic PB Version-numbers

    PB Version-numbers

    Powerbasic show its version as filedate and filetime.
    For Filetime (if it has any meaning) is that really wise?
    Filetime is adjusted according to your locale settings.
    If PB use Filetime = 5:00 then I see that as 6:00 in Sweden.
    I use Filedate/Filetime myself to maintain my 'versions' and have
    just discovered that my application installed on several NT-workstations showed diffrent 'version-numbers' depending on how
    the locale was specified during installation, daylight saving and so forth

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