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  • jobs at powerbasic?

    Kind of off topic, I know, but still.. don't know where else to turn to.

    At PB's main webpage, they say they are looking for help. So, since
    I have some plans to trap down my shareware biz, I sent in a request
    for more info a couple of weeks ago - twice, without any response.

    Maybe [email protected] isn't active anymore, I don't know. Maybe
    someone at PB at least can tell us/me if PB still is looking for help
    or not. If not, it's time to update the main page. If, even a simple
    "don't call us, we call you", would be nice to hear..


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    The email address is actively monitored, however, it does attract a large and constant stream of applicants and enquiries! Because of the level of interest, the Human Resources Dept can not answer every single email received.

    However, such an enquiry has an improved chance of receiving a response if you included a detailed Resume, rather than the usual "I want a job, how much do you pay?" enquiries.

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    mailto:[email protected]


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      Thanks, Lance. Detailed resume? Okay, I see where it failed. Don't have
      such fancy things and are definitely out of practice, writing job
      applications. Only have my software and website to show up. Ah well..

      Lance, since this thread is out of subject, maybe you can remove it?
      I think I have the answer now, so no need for it to be here. Sorry
      for this, but as it was, I saw no other option..



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        If so many people react all those years, PB would have enough programmers don't they?
        I think you overexaggerated here??



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          Probably not, Edwin. From my own experience, when my software were
          at its peek about a year ago, there were times when I got more than
          300 mail per day in my mailbox. An editor at a Swedish computer
          magazine once told me they could get as much as several thousand
          mail per day - all demanding immediate response, even at night time
          and weekends. Sigh..

          I bet PB gets their fair share of mail, so it's easy to understand
          why they have to sort out some, like a crappily written job application
          from some strange foreigner..



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            I just compared with the compagny i work for.

            Not to big ~25 workers(drones ) but that's for specific help, not for reactions on jobs.

            pffft forget it..
            Not worth thinking about..



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              Originally posted by Edwin Knoppert:
              If so many people react all those years, PB would have enough programmers don't they?
              Finding programmers is easy. Finding programmers with skills and interests
              appropriate to the positions we have available is another matter. Yes, we're
              still looking for a few good men. And/or women. Please feel free to send
              your resume to [email protected]

              Tom Hanlin
              PowerBASIC Staff


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                I think that most of developers prefer to be free-lances, but only good developers are able to realize this wish
                Or I am wrong ?

                E-MAIL: [email protected]


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                  Often correct, Semen. Problem is usually, many of us don't have any
                  resumes to show up, simply because there were no schools for this
                  when we started. Also, showing up old material is out of the question,
                  because old, now non-existing languages was used and the stuff we did
                  10 years ago don't even exist anymore. Tricky situation.

                  Leaves us with a few recent app's, maybe a website to show up and
                  absolutely no skills in writing job applications. Easy to understand
                  why such persons gets sorted out..