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    I use Visual Source Safe for version control. This tool
    uses the ReadOnly property to protect files, and to indicate
    that they are not "CheckedOut" for modification. If I do
    forget to check the PB files out, the IDE does not seem to
    care about the R/O. I modify the code, click compile, get
    the compile display, and perhaps, exit(!) without any burp
    about the autosave of the source having failed due to R/O.
    I realize that testing will show the changes never took, but
    an indicator of R/O status on a source file would be handy.

    To go a step further, having the autosave report an error,
    any error, which occured on the save step, would provide a
    nice guide.

    I know there are other version control tools out there, and
    I wonder if many of them would also set R/O in their use.



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    In it's current state, the IDE does not check very thoroughly for errors, such as attempting to write to a Read Only file.

    IDE design improvements such as this are expected to be implemented for the next update to the IDE.

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