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PowerGen -- what am I missing?

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  • PowerGen -- what am I missing?

    The company I work for recently purchased PB/DLL for some custom
    apps we want to create over the next couple years. We purchased
    PowerGen at the same time ,hoping to use it to cur development

    The help file for PG tell me it reads .RC files as created by
    the Microsoft resource editor or some other similar tool. The
    MS editor (DLGEDIT.EXE)was installed with PB/DLL, so I fire it
    up. However, it seems to save anything I create in binary with
    a .RES extention; not the .RC text file that PG is looking for.

    Meanwhile, DDT seems pretty cool, and will keep me busy for
    a while.

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    The MS Dialog Editor saves the dialog in two formats: .RES and .DLG.

    If you reopen the file later, the dialog editor will load from the .RES file, however, the .RES format is NOT in "standard" binary format (as would be creaated with the Resource compiler!). Strange, but true! To convert the dialog resource to the PBR format (via the PBRES.EXE utility) so that it can be linked into your app by PowerBASIC, a compatible binary resource file (.RES) must be first created.

    The solution is given in the PowerGEN manual (although it contains a couple of minor errors that are addressed in Errata postings in the FAQ forum).

    Essentially, you do this:

    1. Rename the .RES file to ensure you can reload it with the MS Dialog Editor later.

    2. Edit the .DLG file and save it as a .RC file (see the FAQ forum errata notes).

    3. Compile the .RC into a .RES with RC.EXE

    4. Convert the .RES to .PBR with PBRES.EXE

    Once you have a .PBR file, the PB code generated by PowerGEN should compile successfully (or the #RESOURCE metastatement will not compile due to the missing .PBR file)

    I hope this helps!

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      Or even better don't use the MS dialog editor. If you have Borland C++ or VC++ use that or if you want a free one download a copy of LCC from the net, it has a pretty nifty dialog editor and it's free.

      LCC lets you save as almost anything too.


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