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Maybe: Visual PowerBasic for Windows???

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  • Maybe: Visual PowerBasic for Windows???

    Hi Support,

    What do you think about an Visual Designer/IDE for PowerBasic for
    Windows with OOP en visual components like other thirth part tools
    like by example Borland Delphi, RealBasic.
    It's a very good idee and PowerBasic is the Power of Basic and very very
    fast only programming in WinApi have big troubles.

    I think that PowerBasic company build new projects but more
    Visual Designing and support OOP.
    I look out to the new products and I will paid $250.00 for the


    Sorry for my English but I'm student here and in my freetime I like
    programming prefer in PB but in Belgium You will must learn C++,
    Delphi, Visual Basic (to slow) en Java (Bah!!!!)


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    please stop repeating yourself. You just said this a few days
    ago in the Third Party Fourms. If I do a search on your name
    I'm sure that you have more Wishlist requests than actual

    It is a waste of my time to even read what you say and I'm sure
    other people are like this as well. Please stop spamming.

    [email protected]


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      I have read your numerous requests to add a visual designer to
      the PB IDE. I too had a hard time getting started with the Windows
      API learning curve. But the solution is to start playing with available
      PB source code examples and start learning. Repeatedly requesting
      for PowerBASIC, Inc. to solve your problem (lack of API programming
      knowledge) by changing the nature of their product is absurd.

      The "problem" with adding a visual designer is that visual designers
      ultimately can do only one of two things:

      1) Create a resource for the "form" to be compiled with your code.
      This is what VB does (I believe). It creates enormous .EXE's for
      programs of any complexity.

      2) Translate your "form" into PB/API code stubs. This is a more desirable
      solution as it aleviates the "bloatware" problem which is a focus /
      feature of the PB compiler. However, you are still required to learn
      how the code stubs work in order to do anything with them.

      I believe that there are messages in the Third Party Tools forum
      discussing tools / methods for achieving a visual design to code

      Bernard Ertl
      Bernard Ertl
      InterPlan Systems


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        Allow me folks,
        to reply Stephane in Dutch. After all he lives in the Flemish (= Dutch speaking) part of Belgium. Since he is excusing himself for his bad English, he probably is not able to read your replies.

        Je moet nu eindelijk eens ophouden met zeuren over een object-georienteerde programmeeromgeving. Die wens is meermalen, niet alleen door jou, geuit en we moeten nu afwachten inhoeverre PB bereid
        is dit te honoreren.

        Finally stop whining for an object orientated development environment. More people have asked for it so we may assume that Power Basic is aware of that wish. Let's simply wait and see.

        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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        Egbert Zijlema, journalist and programmer (zijlema at basicguru dot eu)
        *** Opinions expressed here are not necessarily untrue ***


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          Check out Ezgui ( by Chris Boss. It is making the transition from Dos to windows a lot easier for me. You will still have to deal with the API, but not all the time and not immediately.

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