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  • Lance Edmonds
    By my counting, you have asked for this feature at least 10 times now. We added your request to the "wish list" the very first time you asked for it. The same person asking more than once does not elevate it in priority.

    To date, we have issued you with two warnings about posting the same requests over an over again. We do not want to be forced to terminate your membership of this BBS Stephane, but we are dissapointed that you appear to be ignoring our warnings.

    As of now, any duplicate postings you make will be deleted from this BBS without notice.

    Please cease this activity of posting the same requests since it just wastes everyones time.

    Thank you.

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Borje Hagsten
    I believe something like that already is on the whish-list. In the
    meantime, use include files (.INC). A few of us are working hard on
    creating Custom Control INC files for PB/DLL in our almost non-existing
    spare time. See Source code Forum..


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  • stephane fonteyne
    Guest started a topic Static Libs & units

    Static Libs & units

    Hi Tom,

    Why not implementing static libs and units (precompiled bas code)
    in the PBCC & PBDLL compilers.
    Static libs and units work very effectient and you can used and
    distribused static libs or units on other programmers in team.


    Ps: I'm student in hogent in Ghent