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    Operator Overloading and Overloaded Functions In General

    When I was first teaching myself OOP from various C++ books and I first came upon operator overloading and function overloading, my first impression was that this was totally awesome stuff. Stuff that would lift my programming to new levels. After reality set in, however, and I saw that all that was really going on wasn't anything really 'magical', but simply a case of the compiler creating a seperate procedure for every permutation of parameter type or usage context of the operator, it somewhat 'deflated' my initial elation. And its the whole 'overloading' concept that we can thank for the miseries of 'function name mangling' that we deal with in the present programming world. If you havn't had to face that one yet count yourself lucky.

    Having said that, I'm still interested in OOP, and in the future I intend to use from that paradign what I find uswful.
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