I'm sure others have encountered the same thing. When processing
some code, we set MOUSEPTR 11 for hourglass and MOUSEPTR 0 to get
"default" mouse pointer back when done.. and lose the mouse pointer
all together, until the mouse is moved. Think something is wrong
with PB's way to handle MOUSEPTR 0, so maybe worth looking into
for next release..

One solution, is to set back to MOUSEPTR 1, not 0. Okay, but then we
always get arrow back, which isn't always good, especially when using
custom controls with other cursors, like hand. Following always works
fine though, in case you want cursors that always resets properly:
  hc = SetCursor(LoadCursor(%NULL, BYVAL %IDC_WAIT)) '<- set hourglass cursor
  'Do something, anything..
  SetCursor hc                                       '<- set old cursor back