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  • An exciting development...

    We're very pleased to announce the release of PowerBASIC 8.04 for Windows!

    As you may know, previous PowerBASIC Compilers were 16-bit applications which created 32-bit executables. This format was originally chosen by our R&D staff for a variety of reasons, mainly their own convenience. {smile} However, it's time to move forward, and that's just what we've done!

    1- The new compilers are now 32-bit applications -- much faster, much greater capacity, and much less susceptible to the whims of the operating system.

    2- The new compilers are now 100% compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of WinVista.

    3- The Help Files have been totally reconstructed in HTML Help Format to eliminate newer compatibility issues.

    4- Easier to navigate menus, particularly in the Help System.

    5- More... Just GOTO the Product Announcements section of this forum and download it today!

    Best of all, it's absolutely free to all owners of PB/Win 8.0 . That's a very small token of our deep appreciation for your loyalty.

    Thank you.

    Bob Zale
    PowerBASIC Inc.

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    Now, this is what I call exitement...

    &hFFFFFFFF thanks to you Bob.

    Can't wait to play with this new toy...



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      Also add to #2 Vista Printing now is 100% Compatible too.
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        Now that's what I'm talking about! Seems like just the other day we were talking about this. I'm sold. Thanks Bob!


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          I absolutely LOVE how you guys are fair to the customer and a MAJOR reason I recommend PB over other languages for people either "just learning", or "been out of the game too long to re-learn new techniques"

          I am excited to see, and learn all the new progress

          THANK YOU BOB!!!

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   move is correct......

            It is now to say :BIG" thank you to all of you guy....



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              Awesome, That is totally awesome. thank you Bob.
              Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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                Originally posted by Bob Zale View Post
                We're very pleased to announce the release of PowerBASIC 8.04 for Windows!
                Hello Bob

                I am absolutely delighted! Thank you so much for the 32bit version!
                May I add an observation in order to help my peer developers.

                As a die-hard green-screen developer I am using the console for editing and compiling my programs. So I am using a batch file something like this:
                @echo off
                    if [%1]==[] goto noparm
                    set EWV=%1
                    goto edit
                    if [%EW%]==[] goto help
                    set EWV=%EW%
                    %SHROOM% se -i %EWV%.bas
                    if errorlevel 1 goto exit
                    \pbwin80\bin\pbwin /l /q /i.\;\pbwin80\winapi;\pbwin80\inclib %EWV%
                    goto errortest
                    echo Edit & Compile PBWIN Program
                    echo    Usage: Mode 1: - Set environment variable EW to program
                    echo                     name, e.g. set EW=prog
                    echo                   - Type only EW [RETURN].
                    echo                     Program "prog" will be edited, and compiled.
                    echo           Mode 2: - EW prog  (without extension)
                    echo                     Program "prog" will be edited and compiled
                    goto exit
                    fgrep -in error %EWV%.log>nul
                    if not errorlevel 1 goto noerrors
                    view %EWV%.log
                    ask -e repeat %0 (Y/N) ?
                    if errorlevel 1 goto cleanup
                    goto edit
                    echo %0: %EWV% NO ERRORS.
                    mv %EWV%.log ww_pb
                    set EWV=
                When running on Windows Platform 1 (Windows 98) The following processing (fgrep, view, mv etc.) was complaining about no LOG file. This happens because on this particular platform PBWin spawns a new process, and the batch file goes on before then completion of PBWin. I was able to resolve this by putting a start /wait in front of the compiler command:
                start /w \pbwin80\bin\pbwin /l /q /i.\;\pbwin80\winapi;\pbwin80\inclib
                On platform 2 (Windows NT and above) this is not necessary.

                Best regards
                „Let the machine do the dirty work.“
                The Elements of Programming Style, Brian W. Kernighan, P. J. Plauger 1978