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Problem with Resource file Version Resource

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  • Problem with Resource file Version Resource

    I use PowerBASIC Windows Compiler 7.04 runniing under XP Professional. I have always edited the Version Data in the RC file, "Compiled" the RC file creating a RES and a PBR file. That I would run thr basic source file which included the PBR and all was hunky dory. For the last few days this has not worked. Does anyone have any experiences here?



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    What has changed, on your system, in the last few days?

    -- Eric
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      "Not worked" = ?????
      Michael Mattias
      Tal Systems (retired)
      Port Washington WI USA
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        I use the same compiler version and follow the same procedure. Only difference: I use XP Home. But I have no problems at all compiling and including version resource files.
        Do you get error messages ? Have you - accidentally - corrupted some other part of the resource source file ?



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          Copy Paste your project to a different folder and try again, and see if this time it "magically" worked in the new location.

          (I am curious if you ran into what I could "SWEAR" I have seen before but could not replicate repeatedly, which made me believe I corrupted something, and while troubleshooting, I corrected the error by accident)
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            Another idea: if software ceases to work properly from one day to another, the reason may be a corrupted registry entry (in Win XP not as often as it used to be, but still...). In such a case it may help to re-install Powerbasic or to restore the registry from the last known good backup.