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  • Add ons for PB for windows

    I am new to PB and an oldie on VB. I used Farpoint's Spread add-on on VB as well as VistaDB database engine...excellent tools.... anyone knows whether these are compatible with PB? and if so... can you elaborate on the integration process?

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    If the 'add on' product is supplied as a standard dyanamic link library, it will work with your PB-created programs. (Period).

    If the product requires the calling program (your PB module) to be a COM server, it will not work, at least "as is." For that, I think there is some code around here to 'make it work' , but it won't 'work' in the fashion you had thought or hoped it would).

    And, you will find here for some products "Pb-compatible" header files, or stories about how add-on vendors have added their own "PB-compatible" header files to their products.

    Best bet is to search here by the brand or trade names of the specific products in which you are interested. If you don't get the 'hit' you want, you will almost certainly find , " ..but you can use <name of another product> or < link to posted code> to replace it."

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Michael

      I guess that PB does not interact with Active X .... only interacts with Dll...


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        You can use atl to show visual ActiveX controls.

        Search for atl.dll or atl71.dll


        I have spread 3.0 or 3.5 and the package comes with a generic win32 dll.
        This is not much than loading the dll which registeres the spread windowclass for direct use.

        I am not sure about the latest packages though.