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Current PBRes.EXE & RC.EXE for PBWin-8.04 & PBCC-4.04?

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  • Current PBRes.EXE & RC.EXE for PBWin-8.04 & PBCC-4.04?

    I'm having trouble with a Resource file that I don't believe was a problem before.

    When I upgraded to version 8.04 from 8.03 I had trouble with the install and found I needed to uninstall everything and reinstall from the original CD and step through the subsequent upgrades. While this was more tedious than it could have been, I'm now wondering if I ended up loosing a previously fixed problem with my resource compiling programs.

    Can someone look to see if these two resource programs are those that should be current to version PBWIN-8.04 & PCBB-4.04?
    PBRes.exe   66 KB  Application   11/1/2006 8:03 AM
    RC.exe      29 KB  Application    2/1/2005 8:00 AM

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    Roger, my set up has rc.exe with the same time stamp as pbres.exe and the former is at version 4.0.1371.1

    Added: That was in my Win folder. In my CC folder rc.exe has a different time stamp but it is the same version and a file comparison shows the files to be identical.
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      These are from "Bin" folder of PB/Win 8.04 installation:
      RC       EXE        28.944  01/03/05   8.01 RC.exe
      PBRES    EXE        67.584  01/11/06   8.03 PBRes.exe
      (dates are DD/MM/YY).


      RC /?

      from that folder gives:
      Microsoft (R) Windows 32 Resource Compiler, Version 4.00 - Build 1367
      , and typing PBRES gives
      PBRES 1.86 - PowerBASIC Resource Converter
      Copyright (c) 1997-2004 PowerBASIC, Inc.


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        BTW, right-clicking on RC.EXE, properties, shows "File version" 4.0.1371.1, just like David.
        For PBRes.exe it's .


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          Just to confuse the issue, I have at least a couple of Microsoft SDKs installed which contain RC.EXE and they override the local PB one and my PB stuff builds fine.
          hutch at movsd dot com
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            I guess I have the latest versions as they match what was shown. I must have some hidden characters in the problem RC file so I'll need to test it for that issue.

            Thanks for taking the time to help.