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Phantom app window remains on taskbar... a hint from MS...

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  • Barry Erick
    MS Access 2000 also does this all the time,
    but it eventally goes away but one one program I wrote
    it happens all the time and I have to right click to get rid of
    it. Will look at the article.


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  • Christian Weilguny
    Guest replied
    I got the problem with MS Access 97 in some applications.
    And there was no difference between Win95/98 and NT 4.0.
    With W2k I have it never seen till now.

    Christian Weilguny


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  • Scott Turchin
    Team Fortress Classic (Half Life) does this to me after leaving netgames....
    WEird...the only other time I get it is when an error occurs...

    I call it a buh...buuuuuhhh BUG..


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  • Bud Durland
    No, I've seen this with Win95, although I don't recall seeing it wiht NT4.0 or Win2Kpro.

    It seemed to me that it was more common with 16-bit apps than with 32 bit stuff (which may explain why I haven't seen it with NT/2K).

    [email protected]

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  • John Kovacich
    I'm curious. I thought this was strictly a Windows 98 phenomenon,
    but the page you quoted from gave no indication that this is so.
    Have you seen this quirk anywhere else?


    John Kovacich

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  • Phantom app window remains on taskbar... a hint from MS...

    A few people have asked about this one, which can affect various applications, not specifically PowerBASIC GUI apps. I located this in MSKB.

    The key phrase seems to be:
    If a window is created or shown such that it appears in the taskbar, then the window should be in the same state when it is destroyed or hidden. If the visibility on the taskbar is not synchronized, then the taskbar may end up with a blank button where it thinks the window should still appear.
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