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    While compiling a program under Vista, all of a sudden I get the following error message: Debugging symbol file not found

    After searching the forums here I have only found two references to this problem, neither of which has been any help.

    I have completely uninstalled PB 8.04, deleted the directory, ran a registry clean up program, re-installed PB and the same problem still exists.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    fixed the problem myself by removing all .LOG and .BAK files in the subdirectory as well as the .PBR file and just recompiled everything again.
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    Symbol File Not Found?

    Symbol files are usually associated with MS debugging tools. Generally you download the symbols for the OS version you are debugging on and save them to you local drive. In the windebugger you point the debugging tool to the symbol file path..
    This has nothing to do with debugging a power basic source code... thus I wonder if that is why you have so little response to your inquiry.
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