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  • Printing on label Stock

    Is there anyone who has an example of printing on a page of label stock


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    I wrote a program for mailing labels using xprint and graphic, defines label type, add/edit names to mailing list file, print labels (some, all) with option
    to skip a number of labels (in case reusing a partially printed page of labels).
    Client Writeup for the CPA

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      I am not clear where the code is. Is it on your site?


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        the demo of my client writeup includes the program wulabels.exe.
        Anyone can download the demo from the site (in my signature)
        Client Writeup for the CPA

        Links Page


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          basically what i do is:
          have a dialog that 1 side defines/sets up and saves the label dimensions
          and the other side for setting up/change/add/delete names in a mailing list.

          Print option select the printer and the margins are retrieved if possible.
          Select the mailing list 'members' to print and the label type and whether you
          want to preview it. the preview uses the graphic statements when reading the
          text file, the print uses the xprint statements to output the labels.

          write a text file with each line starting with a 6 character
          For example
          "[SPOS] 0,120"
          would be graphic/xprint set pos 0,120

          would be graphic print txt$ or xprint txt$

          print a box only on graphic (to simulate label) ignore for xprint.

          like gbox but for both xprint and graphic

          graphic/xprint scale x1!,y1!,x2!,y2!


          "[FEED]" indicates end of page

          you can look at the report.txt and see others.
          Client Writeup for the CPA

          Links Page


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            VB example

            I found a VB example with over 200 different labels defined

            I know nothing about VB but am trying to figure it out

            I cannot run it since is is specific to a dll that I do not have

            If any luck I will post what I get working


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              Oldie but goodie.... Don Dickinson's ddoc Print and Preview has some label printing functions which I use with good success.

              You define the various label dimensions (margins, numbers of labels across and up and down, etc) in an INI file. Very easy to 'tune' when you get a new printer and/or the label stock has variations. (I use an inkjet printer with single-sheet feed, and every now and then a box of blank labels comes with slightly different margins).

              Don's web site:
              Michael Mattias
              Tal Systems (retired)
              Port Washington WI USA
              [email protected]