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Communicate using... ICMP? :)

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    Communicate using... ICMP? :)

    whilst giving the new almighty poffs2 a test drive i came across this sample source code for icmp ping:
    semen if you're reading, thanks for that sample - i had no idea an icmp ping could be launched so easily!
    what intrigued me though is that you were sending the packet "hello" ... that made me think - is it possible (in some funky and probably non-orthodox way) to use icmp to communicate? as in, client sends "hello", server receives it, and says "gday mate" back? i can't imagine it being pretty and it's not something you'd want to use for say, file transfer... but is this a possibility?
    a search on for "icmp tunnelling" found 4650 results, and i'm almost certain that a trojan called skydance uses such a technique, so maybe it is possible?
    any thoughts welcome