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    Has anyone seen this Contest going on in the forums?

    It got me interested, but some searching around, I did not find much as to the core idea (backstory etc) but now magically a contest going on. (So obviously I missed some or most of it...maybe Paul could elaborate)

    From what I was able to find, basic rules apply
    1. I don't think there is a category, but more a "code what you think may help others" idea
    2. People can gang up and assist each other, but its up to the winner to share winnings with the others
    3. Fair is Fair, and any 3rd party (or one you create yourself) dll's must be freely available for judges and users to use to test
    4. Fair is Fair.....

    Anyways, I like the idea, but announcements and submittal for it seem sketchy but I did find a stand-alone section in the forums for it, so wondered what the overall deal was?
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    redirected to contest discussions:

    p purvis


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      OK I followed this link and that link and read about the rules of the contest and so on and so forth, but what IS the contest?

      Code to what exactly?


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        You mean what was?

        I think the contest is over. I didnt have time to submit my entry.
        I wanted a compiler so bad for my friend.

        Make another!!!!


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          Michael was right about the contest taking up a lot of ones time. I want to do another, the prize is already paid in. Between christmas, winter sickness, down in the back, an early mardi gras, hard drive servers crashing, end of the year chores, and just murphy's law being applied, i am beat tired.
          As soon as i can catch my breath and modivation, there is going to be another contest having few rules and more freedom to program in anyway a programmer wants, with the same two prizes.

          I think most of the structure is already there to do a contest now, if somebody else wants to host the contest with a sort of freestyle approach and use my preset up prizes for winners. Already $250 has been set aside, i just have to add another $250 for a second winner.

          I have not talked to powerbasic about the second contest to be. I would give the contest a name such as "the freedom code contest" to convey what the contest would be about.

          the voting needs a longer period of time also i miscalculated the thanksgiving holidays in America.

          sincerely paul
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          p purvis