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Popup Notifications from Windows Tray

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  • Popup Notifications from Windows Tray

    In Windows XP aps like the Java Runtime will occasionally popup a notification telling you that there is a new version of the software available or something of that sort. Also Windows will use the same type of popup to alert you that your system firewall or virus scanner is not working properly. Is there an API to create these popups or are they just custom windows created by the aps?

    Scott Slater
    Summit Computer Networks, Inc.

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    using spybot and ccleaner you can remove some of the programs that startup, java update is one of these programs you can disable.
    i believe java just runs once on logins then after checking a web site, unloads if no updates are available or prompts you to download new updates.

    Other pops up are placed there by services, i am pretty sure.
    I would presume the service just calls another program that pops up, while the service continues on.
    p purvis


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      Paul, Scott was asking how to add these to an application, not remove them from the system.

      Yes, you can add these new style notifications to the system tray by setting the version and using the new NOTIFYICONDATA5 structure available on Windows 2000/IE 5 systems and later. I recommend modding the "Tray" example in PB's samples folder to use the new version so you can see how it works before adding it to your app.

      Note that if your application will need to run on an OS older than Windows 2000/IE 5, you will have to use the older NOTIFYICONDATA structure instead.

      MSDN link for the new structure: NOTIFYICONDATA Structure () | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


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        Only one balloon can appear down there too, so if any of those others are popped up they won't see yours. Might want to use the standard tooltips/balloons and position them where you want. My Tooltip function in my contest entry can be used like this. The Balloon Style 2 can make a static balloon that can be closed when clicked on or when the Close X is clicked. I'll see if I can toss together an example like I used in one of my previous applications using this.
        Mobile Solutions
        Sys Analyst and Development


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          Hey Scott,

          Here is what I got...

          #COMPILE EXE '#Win 8.04#
          #DIM ALL
          #INCLUDE  "Win32Api.Inc" '#2005-01-27#
          %PopUpBaloon        = 201
          %PopUpDialogShow    = 202
          %PopUpDialogHide    = 203
          %PopUpEnd           = 204
          %WM_TRAYICON        = 501 + %WM_USER
           LOCAL  pt           AS POINTAPI
           STATIC nfIconData   AS NOTIFYICONDATA5
           STATIC hInstance    AS DWORD
           STATIC hIcon        AS DWORD
           STATIC hPopup       AS DWORD
           STATIC zBaloon      AS ASCIIZ * 255
           STATIC zBaloonTitle AS ASCIIZ * 63
             CASE %WM_INITDIALOG
               nfIconData.cbSize           = SIZEOF(nfIconData)
               nfIconData.hwnd             = CBHNDL
               hInstance                   = GetModuleHandle(BYVAL 0)
               nfIconData.uID              = hInstance
               nfIconData.uFlags           = %NIF_ICON OR %NIF_MESSAGE OR %NIF_TIP OR %NIF_INFO
               nfIconData.uCallbackMessage = %WM_TRAYICON
               nfIconData.hIcon            = LoadIcon(%NULL, BYVAL MAKLNG(%IDI_INFORMATION, 0))
               nfIconData.szTip            = "Tray program"
               zBaloon                     = "Tray baloon"
               nfIconData.szInfo           = zBaloon
               nfIconData.uTimeout         = 10000 'Usually: min 10 secs. - max 30 secs.
               zBaloonTitle                = "Tray baloon title"
               nfIconData.szInfoTitle      = zBaloonTitle
               nfIconData.dwInfoFlags      = %NIIF_INFO OR %NIIF_NOSOUND
               Shell_NotifyIcon %NIM_ADD, BYVAL VARPTR(nfIconData)
               'uTimeout become uVersion when Shell_NotifyIcon send a NIM_SETVERSION message
               'Zero for Win95, %NOTIFYICON_VERSION for 2000/XP, %NOTIFYICON_VERSION_4 for Vista
               nfIconData.uTimeout = %NOTIFYICON_VERSION
               Shell_NotifyIcon %NIM_SETVERSION, BYVAL VARPTR(nfIconData)
               nfIconData.uTimeout = 10000 'Put back 10 secs. for future call
               MENU NEW POPUP TO hPopup
               MENU ADD STRING, hPopup, "&Baloon", %PopUpBaloon, %MF_ENABLED
               MENU ADD STRING, hPopup, "-", 0, %MF_ENABLED
               MENU ADD STRING, hPopup, "&Show dialog", %PopUpDialogShow, %MF_ENABLED
               MENU ADD STRING, hPopup, "&Hide dialog", %PopUpDialogHide, %MF_ENABLED OR %MF_CHECKED
               MENU ADD STRING, hPopup, "-", 0, %MF_ENABLED
               MENU ADD STRING, hPopup, "&Quit", %PopUpEnd, %MF_ENABLED
             CASE %WM_TRAYICON
                   GetCursorPos pt
                   SetForegroundWindow CBHNDL
                   TrackPopupMenu hPopup, %TPM_RightALIGN OR %TPM_BOTTOMALIGN OR %TPM_RIGHTBUTTON, _
                                  pt.x, pt.y, 0, CBHNDL, BYVAL 0
                 CASE %WM_LBUTTONDOWN
                 CASE %WM_RBUTTONDOWN
                 CASE %NIN_BALLOONSHOW
                 CASE %NIN_BALLOONHIDE
                   WinBeep 750, 50
                   WinBeep 550, 50
               END SELECT
             CASE %WM_COMMAND
                 CASE %PopUpBaloon
                   Shell_NotifyIcon %NIM_MODIFY, BYVAL VARPTR(nfIconData) 'Show baloon
                 CASE %PopUpDialogHide
                   CheckMenuItem hPopUp, %PopUpDialogHide, %MF_CHECKED
                   CheckMenuItem hPopUp, %PopUpDialogShow, %MF_UnCHECKED
                   ShowWindow CBHNDL, %SW_HIDE
                   FUNCTION = 1
                   EXIT FUNCTION
                 CASE %PopUpDialogShow
                   CheckMenuItem hPopUp, %PopUpDialogHide, %MF_UnCHECKED
                   CheckMenuItem hPopUp, %PopUpDialogShow, %MF_CHECKED
                   ShowWindow CBHNDL, %SW_RESTORE
                   FUNCTION = 1
                   EXIT FUNCTION
                 CASE %PopUpEnd
                   DIALOG END CBHNDL
               END SELECT
             CASE %WM_DESTROY
               Shell_NotifyIcon %NIM_DELETE, BYVAL VARPTR(nfIconData)
           END SELECT
          END FUNCTION
           LOCAL hDlg AS DWORD
           DIALOG NEW %HWND_DESKTOP, "Baloon tray", , ,160, 80, %WS_SYSMENU OR %WS_MINIMIZEBOX TO hDlg
           DIALOG SHOW MODAL hDlg CALL DlgProc
          END FUNCTION


          • #6
            Thanks for the info guys. I will look at the MSDN info and the code provided here. The reason I am asking is because I am in the middle of putting together a new ap, and thought this would be a neat little feature.

            Thanks again!
            Scott Slater
            Summit Computer Networks, Inc.