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Forms-friendly code

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  • Forms-friendly code

    Having created a program using Forms 1.51 then knocked it about a bit in the Winows 8.04 IDE it is no longer recognisable to Forms, which now can see only a single control, although the numbers of the others are declared constants. Any general guidance on how to get the genie back in the bottle?

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    Did you move the CONTROL ADD statements of missing controls outside the:
    #pbforms begin dialog %ID_xxxxxxxxx->->
    #pbforms end dialog

    With a copy, try PBForms Import instead of Open. If that doesn't work, try removing all #pbforms metastatements then importing. If still no joy, we'll need to see the code.


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      thanks for your suggesion, I got it going by cutting out one of the dialogs completely, loading the other one into PBForms, then pasting the previously deleted on back in via the IDE. I can only guess that there was something a bit wrong with each of the dialogs and that in combination they were toxic to PBForms.