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  • POFFS2 Beta..

    I wonder if someone could help me out a bit here, by testing a new
    version of Poffs? No updated databases yet - working on that part
    and will upload those later on (soon). If you have the current
    "official" release of Poffs installed, you can download the new beta
    version from (about 80KB)

    The zip file only contains one file, Poffs2.exe. Added a 2 to the
    name, to avoid conflicts with old version. Unpack it to your POFFS
    folder, so it ends up next to the current Poffs.exe, ready for test.
    Some explanations available under "Info", otherwise, I think most
    is easy enough to understand.

    Things I'd like to know is: Does it work at all for you? Are font sizes
    used in the lists big enough? Should there be an option to set this
    yourself? Does my home-rolled buttons work like they should? Do they
    look alright? Does the editor's syntax highlight work alright for you?
    Are the colors and font size I have set it to use ok? Should this also
    be configurable?

    It looks and works fine in my system, but from experience I know there's
    a totally different ball-game out there, so I will apprechiate all the
    input I can get..


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    wow, this really looks cool,
    seems to work fine, at least so far, on my NT5, obs, I mean Win2000 (SP1)
    what about some kind of favorites-list ?, loved it when MS implemented
    favorites in regedit, made life much easier.......




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      Thanks. Glad to hear it works. Hm, interesting idea. Maybe won't have
      time to do it right away, but a "favorites list" definitely would be
      useful to have, I agree. Maybe even several, user-configurable lists..



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        Multiple fav-lists would have been great!

        done some more testing, seems to work OK on my NT4/SP4 also,
        but on my NT4/SP6 Your btn's didn't look quite so good.
        The explanation was # of colors, the NT4/SP6 has an old video card and to
        being able to drive it in 1024*768 I had to set the # of colors to only 256.
        dont't know if this is anything to bother about (it doesn't bother me...)




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          Wow, what an improvement... I love it. It works great so far on my Windows 98 SE.
          Fonts and colors are fine on my system with 16 bit color and 800x600 resolution.
          One small complaint... maybe you could allow for the Topic-Name-Date-Forum field widths
          to be increased by displaying a double arrow when the mouse points to a boundary.

          Now, I can't wait to get the latest update to the database.


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            You have outdone yourself!! Totally fantastic!

            There is no other tool for PB that I use more than POFFS. It
            certainly helped me get up to speed with the language rather
            than having to rely 100% on the docs.

            The GUI is really, really awesome. I have not encountered any
            problems on my Win 98 machine. I'll try my Win 95 and NT
            machines tomorrow.

            I really like Per's suggestion for a favorites list. There are
            many times I'll see some code by one of the Gurus and usually
            I end up just printing it out. It would be nice to be able to
            save it to a favorites list.


            Paul Squires
            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
            Paul Squires
            FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
            Version 3 now available.


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              Tried out your new version of Poffs... superb!

              Your interface looks great! The "home-rolled" buttons look and work excellent... fonts sizes all seem just
              right to me... syntax highlighting worked fine... another excellent piece of work!

              Tested on Win ME, 32 bit color, 1024x768.

              mailto:[email protected]
              Tsunami Record Manager


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                Thank you for the input, fellows. Much apprechiated. I have uploaded
                a new file to

                Fixed a Paste-bug in the editor, where a line-length memory block
                didn't get enough memory allocated when pasting huge blocks of text.
                I also added shortcuts for Ctrl+Insert for copy, Shift+Insert for paste
                and Shift+Delete for Cut. Had forgot to cover those old ones..

                Also had forgot to exclude %SIZE_MINIMIZED in program's WM_SIZE
                event, so some controls ended up not being properly repainted after
                minimized state.

                Added code to check for number of colors, so it adjusts to, and looks
                a bit better in, 256 color mode. I agree, it looked terrible with those
                patterned colors in low res.

                Resizable columns will come some day. I have used my Virtual Listbox,
                with some twist, so it will take a bit of work to create that. Why
                not a standard ListView? Too slow for my taste..

                A favorites list will also be added later on. Right now, I'll concentrate
                on making everything work alright and finally get the new databases up, to
                make it a bit more useful..



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                  IT'S HERE AT LAST!
                  POFFS2 is the most beautiful thing I've seen since the 5kb Hello World I saw when I first got PB - you've outdone yourself!

                  Thanks again for all the time that POFFS has saved me,

                  PS. (Im using NT4) - when I search for "Borje" in all forums searching Author field only, it GPFs after it finds the results - everytime ... POFFS1 doesnt, but POFFS1 also had a few GPF issues after searching
                  Sometimes it seems the "Find" button needs to be clicked more than once too
                  They're the only too bugs ive come across!

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                    Nothing can beat the feeling most of us got when we realized PB
                    could produce such tiny 32-bit code, like in "Hello world". To me,
                    that really was worth every penny..

                    Just uploaded yet another update. Found a terrible bug - when pressing
                    F1 on API keywords in the editor, the program didn't remove eventual
                    "%" character, so Win32.hlp couldn't find correct page for words like
                    %LB_ADDITEM, etc. Now fixed.

                    Have all databases ready now - will upload them later on today/tonight.
                    Now - SLEEP(10000000).. zzzzz



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                      Borje, just before you go to sleep! I noticed that selecting text and then Ctrl+C doesn't work! M

                      PS. I just re-downloaded - I can now search for "Borje" in author field and it works perfectly, no GPF - sweeeet...

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                        The controls are not located correctly on my PC (1024x768/large fonts), so the combo and button encroach onto the listview.

                        ALso, during a search the CPU is really hammered! It causes my MP3 player to skip/jump. Any chance of a few time slices being released? Thanks!

                        Otherwise, it looks great and works well. I did manage to get a GPF but I'll have to see if I can duplicate the problem (it occurred during a search).

                        PowerBASIC Support
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                        mailto:[email protected]


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                          Ok, here is how to trigger the GPF... while doing a search, click wildly on the listview... when the end of the search is reached, it will blow a GPF valve.

                          PowerBASIC Support
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                          mailto:[email protected]


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                            Interestingly (although it is only a small point), the app icon is a conventional Windows app icon, yet Explorer clearly shows a custom icon...

                            PowerBASIC Support
                            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
                            mailto:[email protected]


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                              Hmmmm.... since I triggered the GPF, it crashes every time I search now. I'll reboot later tonight and see if I can get this cycle to repeat.

                              PowerBASIC Support
                              mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
                              mailto:[email protected]


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                                I have the same on 1280 large fonts.
                                The 'listview' does not fit.

                                + GPF

                                Looks good!

                                Simply put, a VERY handy tool for searching!



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                                  Okay, new file again at:

                                  MS sure has made programming for Windows interesting. Added resizing
                                  code, so it looks alright with both big/small fonts in my machine.
                                  Should cover most settings.

                                  Not an easy one to handle, especially when you mix CONTROL ADD and
                                  CreateWindow calls, and extra especially with lists. Have made much
                                  use of CONTROL GET SIZE/LOC/UNITS TO PIXELS, etc, plus GetTextMetrics
                                  to enable somewhat proper resizing/moving there.

                                  The icon problem is strange. I have used standard code, standard 32x32
                                  16-color icon, something like:
                                    hInst = GetWindowLong(hDlg, %GWL_HINSTANCE)
                                    hIco  = LoadIcon(hInst, "APOFFS")
                                    IF hIco THEN DIALOG SEND hDlg, %WM_SETICON, %ICON_SMALL, hIco
                                  No problems in Win95/98. One change has been made - I used %ICON_BIG
                                  in previous file. Maybe the change to %ICON_SMALL will help in NT?

                                  The GPF's you mention, I have not been able to reproduce. I have
                                  increased time slicing a bit though, so Lance can listen to his
                                  Heavy Metal headbanging MP3's while searching. Hope it's enough.
                                  At least in my system, it now works ok and doesn't grab entire
                                  processor (only most of it..

                                  Using DIALOG DOEVENTS properly is a tricky balance act. Used to much
                                  in a loop, time can increase very much. To little, the loop steals
                                  to much processor time. Hope I have found a good balance. Maybe even
                                  will help cure those strange GPF's..



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                                    Borje, searching all forums for the word "test" now takes 31 seconds - it only took 7 seconds on the previous build of POFFS2, so I say to hell with Lance's music! <grins, ducks>
                                    I reckon I search POFFS about 30 times a day, so that'd be 15 minutes I'd be wasting every day just so Lance can listen to music his mother doesn't like him listening to in the first place
                                    nah I think you just need to drop one or two doevents and she should be sweet it was only using 0 to 5% CPU on a dual-350mhz pentII, so there's plenty of breathing space..
                                    I only have one other request - could you make the forum names in POFFS to be the same as the ones on the online forum?



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                                      Hi Borje

                                      great tool - the GPF seems to occur when scrolling down
                                      in a large message with syntax highlighting turned on. Have
                                      not noticed that effect with syntax highlighting turned off.




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                                        Okay, new file again at:

                                        Found one source of GPF's in the grid-list. Double-clicking in lower
                                        part when not entirely filled with items could cause this. Now fixed.

                                        Cut down on time slicing a bit, hope it's better now. One thing - in
                                        the checkbox list you can unmark the forums you don't want to include
                                        in a search. Personally, I exclude DOS, etc, since I'm only interested
                                        in Windows stuff. Can save quite a lot of time. Some of the new databases
                                        will be almost twice as big, so the need for excluding unnecessary ones
                                        will be greater, once I get them up..

                                        I'll have a look at the forum names later on tonight. They say I have to
                                        do some real work here too.. (and how fun is that..?