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    I suggest You make the "time-slice" user configurable, then both
    Wayne and Lance should be happy.....




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      still can't Ctrl+C to copy code yet though Borje - have to right-click then select Copy from a submenu at the moment ..



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        Seems to work fine on my Win98 machine. On my Win95 laptop there
        is a problem when resizing the main window. The results grid
        displays strange column sizes and giberish for column titles.
        After resizing for 10-15 seconds I get a GPF and must reboot.

        I am using a PIII 650 Toshiba laptop with 192 Megs of RAM. The
        display is High Color (16-bit), small fonts, 1024x768 and uses
        a S3 Savage 8 meg video card. I'm running Win95B.

        Its possible that the video driver could be the problem. I'll
        download the latest drivers and see if it still occurs.

        I'm just mentioning it now in case others can replicate it on
        a Win95 machine.


        Paul Squires
        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
        Paul Squires
        FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
        Version 3 now available.


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          Borje, Nice work!

          Although I get a blue screen of death on Win98 when scrolling too fast in the editor, scrolling also seems to slow down dramatically on my AMD K6-2/450 with syntax highlighting on.


          Kev G Peel
          KGP Software, Bridgwater, UK.

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            Funny thing, Windows. Can't reproduce any of mentioned problems.
            Have done a few minor fixes and added extra safety code to the
            syntax parser, but no matter what I do, it still works fine for
            me - even on a couple of huge test files. Fumbling in MS darkness,
            can only hope it works in other systems now..

            Ctrl+C also works fine for me here, can't understand why it don't
            for you, Wayne. Even Ctrl+Insert should work for copy. Have you
            downloaded any of the latest fixes? (newest one just uploaded)

            LapTops and screen resolution. Sigh. The columns are decided via
            List's GetClientRect/2 for first and w/6*3 (4, 5) for the rest.
            Can't understand why that should fail on any screen. Feel stupid..

            So to biggest problem - the new databases. All in all, entire package
            became 14MB, zipped. Should I split them up? Maybe have one full
            file for those of you who have rocket connections and also provide
            possibility to download some files separately. Think I'll do that.
            Getting late here, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow, sorry..



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              Poffs v1 was open-source - is this one also going to be? Might make it a bit easier to get it sweet on all systems if it is
              I tried one NT4 workstation, one NT4.SBS small business server, one NT4 server, one Win2000 workstation and one Win98SE machine. The Win98SE machine was the only machine that would let me Ctrl+C! It was also the only machine that I wasn't able to GPF



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                Borje, thanks for the extremely useful tool.

                I tried your first release of P2 on my Win 98SE @ 800x600.
                Everything looks great. You have definately improved the GUI
                layout and it is more intuitive. Your custom buttons are
                excellent. I have not been able to test it extensively yet,
                so I don't have any "bugs" to report.

                One minor issue. The field width for the message dates in the
                topics grid (upper RIGHT corner), did not allow me to see the year
                (truncated) for the messages. I can see them in the big window at
                the bottom, so it's not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able
                to resize the column widths of that grid.

                Bernard Ertl
                Bernard Ertl
                InterPlan Systems


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                  Next attempt:

                  Improved search speed, increased buffers in editor and used Semen's
                  excellent TranslatorMsg example to catch key combinations instead
                  of trying to catch them via code. Ctrl+C, V and the others should
                  work fine in all systems now.

                  I keep my fingers crossed. Have not been able to reproduce the reported
                  (NT) GPF's, caused by scrolling messages with Syntax highlight on here.
                  Increased the text buffers to avoid too many HeapAlloc's. Could possibly
                  be a fragmentation problem in NT, I don't know..

                  Sorry to pester you with so many uploads, but I believe it's getting
                  better and faster now, maybe even ready for release soon..

                  Regarding Public Domain: Yes, when all is ready. Problem is I have
                  used some home-rolled custom controls that aren't ready for release
                  quite yet. Have to go through the code, throw away lots of test code
                  and add comments before I can release it all into PD.

                  The editor is worst, believe me. +180KB code to go through there..


                  [This message has been edited by Borje Hagsten (edited March 27, 2001).]


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                    Hi Borje,

                    Once again, Nice work!

                    My search drop-down contains the same word multiple times...
                    Maybe make it sorted ?

                    It's been mentioned before, the width of columns in the result-
                    display listview, would have been nice to been able to resize..

                    I also have a wish for a splitter between the lower "editor" part
                    and the top of the window, ie, I wish to see more of the search
                    result listview (maybe in v3?)




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                      Strange, I can not get that. Use the same code as in previous version
                      and it should not add exact duplicates, only move those to the top.

                      Additional features will come as soon as I have time to do them. Will
                      clean up the code for the buttons first, then the editor, then rewrite
                      the Virtual ListView so it becomes a real Virtual ListView control.
                      Right now, it's just a plain Virtual List placed on a label, with
                      4 buttons acting as headers..
                      ' Populate the combo listbox with max 20 unique strings
                      SUB UpdateComboList (BYVAL MainhWnd AS LONG, BYVAL comboID AS LONG, BYVAL strTxt AS STRING)
                          IF LEN(strTxt) THEN
                              LOCAL comboCtrl AS LONG, cbListCount AS LONG
                              comboCtrl = GetDlgItem(MainhWnd, comboID)                '<- get cb's hWnd
                              cbListCount = SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_GETCOUNT, 0, 0) '<- get cb's list count
                              IF 0 < cbListCount THEN
                                  LOCAL cmpTxt AS STRING, cb AS LONG
                                  FOR cb = 0 TO cbListCount - 1      'Loop through existing items
                                      cmpTxt = SPACE$(SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_GETLBTEXTLEN, cb, 0) + 1)
                                      CALL SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_GETLBTEXT, cb, STRPTR(cmpTxt))
                                      cmpTxt = LEFT$(cmpTxt, LEN(cmpTxt) -1) 'remove chr$(0)
                                      IF cmpTxt = strTxt THEN 'if already there - delete and then insert at top
                                        CALL SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_DELETESTRING, cb, 0)
                                        EXIT FOR
                                      END IF
                                  NEXT cb
                              END IF
                                                            'insert new items at the top of the list
                              CALL SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_INSERTSTRING, 0, BYVAL STRPTR(strTxt))
                              CALL SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_SETCURSEL, 0, 0)
                              IF cbListCount > 19 THEN      'only store items 0 to 19 (20 items)
                                  CALL SendMessage(comboCtrl, %CB_DELETESTRING, cbListCount, 0)
                              END IF
                          END IF
                      END SUB



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                        Borje, since several people have expressed a wish for wider columns to see
                        more info in name, date, etc., why not use the header buttons as a toggle
                        to a wider list box popup for that column? That would be an easy way of
                        showing more info in the columns without the code complexity involved in
                        allowing the user to drag the column boundaries. Just a thought.



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                          OUTSTANDING looking visually. Works great on my Win2k box. Still unhappy with the search engine piece though.

                          I'm used to ALTAVISTA style searches with booleans, etc. If I may be so bold, I had posted a search engine snippet in the source code forum you may wish to incorporate.

                          George W. Bleck
                          Senior System Engineer
                          KeySpan Corporation
                          <b>George W. Bleck</b>
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