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    A suggestion to the folks at Powerbasic to include a "Check for updates" button on the menu path. This should eliminate the need to check the website periodically for patches

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    Although a good idea, but I think purposely left out for reasons I ran into with my own version of updating my own software
    1. If just a menu often do you or anyone else ever check to see if an update unless announced somewhere?
    2. If check on annoying could that be (especially if not connected to the net when running?)

    I still think its a good idea, but would hate to see the 2nd come true that just because you want to write some code, you gotta wait to check for update first

    I also hate missing out on announcements, but I think PB has the right way of thinking..."Something new...announce it"..."If we do not respond right away, that is OUR choice"
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      "Check for updates" is only necessary if updates are quite frequent... which they are NOT with the PB product. There are not enough bug and associated fixes to worry about weekly updates with this product.. as contrasted with certain other products.
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