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Wake on LAN settings

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  • Wake on LAN settings

    Does anyone know how to check if a PC is capable of "Wake on LAN"? "Wake on LAN" is when your PC can be powered off and a server sends out a special network broadcast to "wake up" the PCs and power them back on.

    I know some PCs have this setting in the BIOS setup, but I need to find a way to check a PC using a program and I have looked in the WMI sections (including the BIOS sections) and unless I am missing it, I don't see that as an option anywhere.

    Is there anything like a device driver that might get loaded, or a registry setting, or anyplace in windows I can check? (is Windows even aware of this feature since it happens when windows is not around )

    If I can figure out how to check it manually from Windows on my PC, I can setup a program to test the remaining 68000+ PCs. (I don't really want to go in to BIOS setup that many times)

    Even guesses will help at this point.
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    I see a couple of relevant GUIDs mentioned in the first post here:
    Hi, I read the following paragraph from

    Hope this helps,
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      Look at the power management API's.

      I was looking at them a week ago but did not find what i
      wanted, wake up the a hard drive across a LAN.

      Wake on Lan if I remember was included.
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        Thanks guys. I am checking out the info now.
        "I haven't lost my mind... its backed up on tape... I think??" :D