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  • Server trouble?

    Since the move to a new server, there have been many "Server might be down,
    try later" when I try to go here. Usually not for long, sometimes retrying
    after a minute is ok, but a few times I haven't been able to get in for
    several hours. I can (almost) live with it, but just thought I'd report
    it, in case you didn't know. Maybe initial setup problem. Maybe new server
    is more unstable? "Speed" seems to be about the same as before, but is
    probably more due to the long wires I have to use.


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    My NZ connection to the PowerBASIC web site is solid, and has been since the server moved.

    I just wish my (2nd!) new 3COM ADSL modem was as reliable... the Nokia beats it hands down for performance and reliability.

    The 3CP3617A was superb, but it died after only 3 weeks use (6.8Mb download speed). The replacement (3CP3617B) connects at less than 50% the speed of A version (2.8Mb down), and I have to reboot every few hours to reset it after it drops connection to the ISP (using the software reset causes Win2K to freeze solid about every second time I use it).

    I only live 1.4km of cable from a brand new digital exchange, and my raw DSL speed is awesome at 6.8Mb. Unfortunately, I had to switch to a 128kb speed-limited account since a full-speed account is currently charged on data transfer (mucho $$$$$$$).


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      No complaints here in The Netherlands. The new server is very fast and connections appear to be very solid.
      Sometimes I get a 'not found' error, but only when I'm in the office, so I blame our proxy server for it.
      At home, using ISDN, it never stucks.

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      Egbert Zijlema, journalist and programmer (zijlema at basicguru dot eu)
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