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Ressources with more than 1 Icon

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  • Ressources with more than 1 Icon

    Just added to a program 3 icons and 4 bitmaps. 1 bitmap was added by PBForms. Now I am a little confused: At first, everything was allright, my program-icon on the desktop was the first I compiled into the script.

    After adding the other ones, the desktop icon changed into another. So I thought, "Ok, the last or the first one you tell the script to compile, is the program-icon!" After a few trys I realized, that I was wrong
    So I added numbers in the constantnames- maybe the first or the last one in the alphabetical order of the names have something to do with it.

    But the strange thing is, the icon with the constant name in the middle is shown to me. Sometimes, he shows the right one, and everytime I change my folder view, the icon is changing, too. Maybe it has something to do with the resolution of the icons?

    How can I tell the compiler, to take exactly this or that icon for my exe?

    Marc Giesmann

    //#PBForms Created v1.51
    // The first line in this file is a PB/Forms comment. It
    // should ALWAYS be the first line of the file.  Other
    // PB/Forms comments are placed at the beginning and end
    // of "Named Blocks" of code that should be edited within
    // PB/Forms only.  Do not edit or delete these comments or
    // PB/Forms will not be able to reread the file correctly.
    // See the PB/Forms documentation for more information.
    // Named blocks begin like this:    //#PBFORMS BEGIN ...
    // Named blocks end like this:      //#PBFORMS END ...
    // Feel free to make changes anywhere else in the file.
    #include "Resource.h"
    //  ** Constants **
    //#PBForms Begin Constants
    #define IDR_IMGFILE1    102
    //#PBForms End Constants
    //  ** RC Data **
    //#PBForms Begin RCData
    IDR_IMGFILE1    BITMAP DISCARDABLE "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\Ecke.bmp"
    //#PBForms End RCData
    ICO_2LOCO      ICON "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\Loco.ico"
    BMP_2LOCO      BITMAP "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\Loco.bmp"
    ICO_3IGNORED   ICON   "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\ignore.ico"
    BMP_3IGNORED   BITMAP "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\ignore.bmp"
    ICO_1INACTIVE  ICON "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\inactive.ico"
    BMP_1INACTIVE  BITMAP "D:\\Sources\\LoCo\\inactive.bmp"

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    Windows chooses which icon it uses to display in Windows Explorer and elsewhere, not the compiler.
    The icon with the lowest numeric ID is used. If the icons use string identifiers, then it uses the lowest alphabetical icon.
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