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Grid control with adjustable column and row headers - Your comments

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  • Grid control with adjustable column and row headers - Your comments

    If you have any comments to this code:

    I would be very grateful. They should be posted in this thread. Thank you.

    Best regards and seasons greetings

    Erik Christensen
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    You need to make that screen resizeable. It's WAY too big.

    Also, while I can edit cells after loading default data, I cannot enter data into a blank fresh grid (what you get as soon as you 'execute'). It lets me type data when I enable cell writing and cell editing, but as soon as I <Tab> or <Enter> out of the cell I just edited, that cell goes blank.

    I think I am missing some step, but the software does not tell me what that step is.

    You should also add a caution somewhere that this code is not re-entrant.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Thanks for your comment. The data-array for the start-up grid was not initialized. This is now corrected. I think it should work OK now.


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        Grid Makers Club!

        Welcome to the Grid Makers Club Erik! Making grids is one of my favorite passtimes too. So far I havn't made any yet with adjustable column/row widths/heights, as it hasn't been necessary to my work. One of these days though!

        I havn't done any more than compile and run it, but that part went OK! It looks nice. When I have a chance I'll take a look at it. By the way, Jim Seacamp posted one somewhat similiar to yours some time back, I'm guessing in the summer. Thanks!


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          Thanks for your kind comments, Fred. Yes, I have been very interested in making grids. Some of my previous codes you can find in the source code forum. However, I think this is my best grid code so far. If you have suggestions for improvement, you are most welcome.
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            Nice grid you have there Erik. As you might know, i like grids too.

            There was a submission couple months ago for a grid, but it was for a
            single use grid. Im not sure but this is the case here too?

            If you want to enhance it a bit more, lets say for usage in future projects,
            i believe the next step is the standarization of the control creation, as well
            as creating some functions to control the properties and making it able to be
            a multi-instance control. To control grids, I like to use commands instead of
            Functions. More simple.

            So, what are you going to add next?


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              Thank you Elias. I value your comments and suggestions, since I know you are an expert on grids. Yes, the code can be improved along the lines proposed by you. When I have the necessary time, I may be able to make such improvements. However, I may need some help from you.
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                And ill be glad to help if i can.
                Thanx for the "Expert on grids" part.


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                  Thanks. I will come back at a later stage about that.


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                    This is just to inform you that an updated version has been made. This works also for PBWin10.


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                      Does it do multiline headers?

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                        Multi-column listbox

                        Extremely impressive loading text into multiple columns very fast.
                        Resize add/delete columns and sort numeric or alpha.
                        The world is full of apathy, but who cares?