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    windows messages and descriptions

    I'm looking for a table of windows messages and associated descriptions, something that can be cut and pasted easier than working though MSDN, any ideas?

    I am fairly positive I saw this in POFF's from Börje Hagsten

    I always use this tool in conjunction with the PB Forum search (Just so I do not miss something before asking an already answered question.)

    I often thought about expanding on the code, but never got around to it. Although its a heck of a starting point
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      Originally posted by Cliff Nichols View Post
      Yes, there's a list posted by Jim Huguley, but it doesn't have descriptions. BTW I have better luck with Explorer searches than POFFs. While the stuff is still online.


        May or may not be a good option, but...

        I think you can probably still download the SDK, or maybe subscribe to it (it's 5 CDs so it's probably a fair size download). That has in index in it where you can just type in "WM_" and all the messages are right there on the screen.

        This info might be out of date. I terminated my subscription a few years ago, because the updates I was getting seemed to be "all .NET all the time" and it was hard to find the stuff I was interested in.

        But it's probably worth a look.


        Yo, I just tried this with the WIN32API.HLP file you can download here. You can do the same thing with the index.. type in "WM_" and there's the whole list!

        (Now that I know is not the latest and greatest, but it's a real nice first step!)

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        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems (retired)
        Port Washington WI USA
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          Originally posted by Michael Mattias View Post
          Yo, I just tried this with the WIN32API.HLP file you can download here. You can do the same thing with the index.. type in "WM_" and there's the whole list!
          Do you mean using the Document Explorer? I can see the message identifiers, but also need a functional description of each message. Can you see this, if so, how did you get there? Are we both looking at "Platform SDK Collection for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1"?


            No, I'm talking about my 2002 edition on CD.. the subscription I terminated because it had changed from very useful to a piece of .. detritus.

            But the Win32.hlp file should be here for download somewhere. That'll work.
            Michael Mattias
            Tal Systems (retired)
            Port Washington WI USA
            [email protected]


              I'm not sure what others use but I've stuck with my MSDN disks that came years ago with Visual Studio 6. When I open that up there are four tabs, e.g., Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites. If I select 'Search' and type in WM_ like Michael said I get a whole list. Huge! I don't know how helpful it would be really having some kind of tabular setup. Some of the messages are pretty simple, others somewhat complex. When you find yourself needing one that is somewhat unusual or complicated, you usually need to open up the documentation on it and study it rather carefully, pretty much by itself. I imagine I'm like most people, and use a very, very small percentage of them.


                Originally posted by Fred Harris View Post
                I'm not sure what others use but I've stuck with my MSDN disks that came years ago with Visual Studio 6.
                Thanks Fred, I may have one in the vaults somewhere, maybe it is more accessible than the current Platform SDK seems to be.



                  In "Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2 August 2004 Edition" - which is likely pretty similar to the SDK documentation you have.

                  Title 'Windows' - in location 'Windows Management'.

                  Document Explorer ( ms-help://MS.PSDKXPSP2.1033/winui/winui/windowsuserinterface/windowing/windows.htm )

                  That topic has a list of windows messages with brief descriptions. eg:
                  An application sends a WM_GETTEXT message to copy the text that corresponds to a window into a buffer provided by the caller.
                  Of course that links to WM_GETTEXT as a title where the message is described in detail..

                  The 'Windows' topic doesn't contain a complete list. (Searching on ' WM_* ' - Search in titles only - returns 300+ hits) but
                  you'll find other sets of messages with brief descriptions elsewhere, for example in the topics 'About Keyboard Input' and 'About Mouse Input'

                  SDK CDs can be ordered online here:
                  There is only a small charge - handling & freight only.
                  Rgds, Dave


                    Michael Mattias
                    Tal Systems (retired)
                    Port Washington WI USA
                    [email protected]


                      Got the API help, thanks, but can't locate a list of identifiers + functional descriptions.



                        Michael Mattias
                        Tal Systems (retired)
                        Port Washington WI USA
                        [email protected]


                          Originally posted by Michael Mattias View Post

                          just gets a list of message identifiers, easier obtained from by cut & paste.


                            I thought that was what you wanted! A list of all messages, from which you can select the message of interest and "Read All About It!"

                            Apparently at least one of us needs a little work on our communications skills.

                            Michael Mattias
                            Tal Systems (retired)
                            Port Washington WI USA
                            [email protected]



                              download and unzip Microsofts Control Spy...

                              For each control, hit the Information menu item for a list of messages and short descriptions. You can cut and paste them.

                              There is also a rewrite called Control Spy 2.0, but the left out the descriptions.



                                Oh, Mr. H ...

                                I caught your post in the source code forum at, "function returning message identifier as string."

                                Maybe if you had said what you wanted was a function to get a literal message name from a message value, someone would have pointed you to the Winmsg program supplied with the compiler. (Samples\Util\WinMsg folder).

                                Michael Mattias
                                Tal Systems (retired)
                                Port Washington WI USA
                                [email protected]


                                  Originally posted by Jules Marchildon View Post
                                  Thanks for the link, Jules, very useful tool and all? the common control messages.


                                    Ok, in fairness, Mr. H's demo includes a lot more messages than does WinMsg.

                                    But it might have been a bit less work for you to have started with WinMsg, updating the STRINGTABLE where additions were desired.
                                    Michael Mattias
                                    Tal Systems (retired)
                                    Port Washington WI USA
                                    [email protected]


                                      Originally posted by Michael Mattias View Post
                                      But it might have been a bit less work for you
                                      I started with an old post by William Burns which had most of the WM_ messages. I have yet to acquire or compile a list of message identifiers and associated functional descriptions in text format something like:

                                      <message identifier[I]1[/I]><functional description[I]1[/I]>
                                      <message identifier[I]2[/I]><functional description[I]2[/I]>
                                      <message identifier[I]n[/I]><functional description[I]n[/I]>
                                      I also need the same sort of thing for styles, if you run across one...


                                        The documentation that is included with the Control Spy utility pointed out by Jules is pretty useful.
                                        There is an RTF file for each of the controls in the \Control Spy Source\ folder eg.

                                        ...Control Spy\Control Spy Source\Animation\Resource\Information.rtf

                                        The .rtf files list Notifications, Styles and Messages, with brief descriptions, for all of the featured controls.
                                        There are descriptions of about 80 WM_ messages plus a bunch of messages that are handled directly by the controls.
                                        The list below includes all of those messages and comments plus a further 200 odd (as yet uncommented) WM_ messages.

                                        You could use cut-n-paste to grab the Notifications and Styles descriptions from those Control Spy Information.rtf files for a start in
                                        that direction too..

                                        Windows Messages,
                                        MN_GETHMENU,Get the HMENU for the current window
                                        WM_ACTIVATE,Window is either being activated for deactivated
                                        WM_ACTIVATEAPP,A window belonging to another application is about to be activated
                                        WM_CANCELMODE,Window is to cancel its current mode
                                        WM_CAPTURECHANGED,Window is losing mouse capture
                                        WM_CHAR,Key down message has been translated
                                        WM_CHARTOITEM,List box with keyboard input enabled received a character message
                                        WM_CHILDACTIVATE,Child window activated moved sized or title bar clicked
                                        WM_CLOSE,Window or application should terminate
                                        WM_COMMAND,Window received a command notification
                                        WM_COMPACTING,Indicates that system memory is low.
                                        WM_CONTEXTMENU,User clicked the right mouse button in the window
                                        WM_COPY,Copy current selection into the clipboard in text format
                                        WM_CREATE,Window created and about to be displayed
                                        WM_CUT,Delete current selection
                                        WM_DELETEITEM,Items removed from the list/combo box
                                        WM_DESTROY,Window is being destroy and has been removed from the screen
                                        WM_DEVICECHANGE,Hardware configuration has changed
                                        WM_DISPLAYCHANGE,Display resolution has changed
                                        WM_DRAWITEM,Visual aspect of control has changed
                                        WM_ENABLE,Window enabled state is changing
                                        WM_ENDSESSION,Windows session might be ending
                                        WM_ENTERSIZEMOVE,Window has entered the moving or sizing modal loop
                                        WM_ERASEBKGND,Window background must be erased
                                        WM_EXITSIZEMOVE,Window has exited the moving or sizing modal loop
                                        WM_GETDLGCODE,Chance to override default behavior to dialog box input
                                        WM_GETFONT,Return the font with which the window is currently drawing its text
                                        WM_GETICON,Retrieve a handle to the large or small icon associated with a window
                                        WM_GETMINMAXINFO,Sent to a window when the size or position is about to change
                                        WM_GETOBJECT Window Message,
                                        WM_GETTEXT,Retrieve corresponding window text
                                        WM_GETTEXTLENGTH,Return length in characters of associated text
                                        WM_HELP,User pressed F1
                                        WM_HSCROLL,Scroll event occurred in the horizontal scroll bar
                                        WM_IME_COMPOSITION,IME changed composition status as a result of a key stroke
                                        WM_INITDIALOG,Dialog box is about to be displayed
                                        WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE,Application's input language has been changed
                                        WM_INPUTLANGCHANGEREQUEST,New input language has been chosen but not yet changed
                                        WM_KEYDOWN,Non-system key pressed
                                        WM_KEYUP,Non-system key released
                                        WM_KILLFOCUS,Window is about to lose focus
                                        WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK,User double clicked left mouse button in client area
                                        WM_LBUTTONDOWN,User pressed left mouse button in client area
                                        WM_LBUTTONUP,User released left mouse button in client area
                                        WM_MBUTTONDOWN,User pressed middle mouse button in client area
                                        WM_MBUTTONUP,User released middle mouse button in client area
                                        WM_MEASUREITEM,Provide measurements of owner drawn control
                                        WM_MOUSEHOVER,Mouse cursor is hovering
                                        WM_MOUSELEAVE,Mouse cursor moved out of window
                                        WM_MOUSEMOVE,Mouse cursor moved
                                        WM_MOVE,Window has been moved.
                                        WM_MOVING,User is moving a window
                                        WM_NCACTIVATE,Nonclient area needs to be changed to indicate an active or inactive state.
                                        WM_NCCALCSIZE,Size and position of client area must be calculated
                                        WM_NCCREATE,Non-client area created and is about to be displayed
                                        WM_NCDESTROY,Non-client area is being destroyed
                                        WM_NCHITTEST,Mouse cursor moved or button was pressed or released
                                        WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN,User pressed left mouse button in non-client area
                                        WM_NCMOUSEMOVE,User moved mouse within non-client area
                                        WM_NCPAINT,Frame must be painted
                                        WM_NCRBUTTONDBLCLK,User double clicked right mouse button in non-client area
                                        WM_NOTIFY,Control event occurred or requires information
                                        WM_NOTIFYFORMAT,Return whether should use ANSI or Unicode structures
                                        WM_NULL,Message performs no operation
                                        WM_PAINT,Paint a portion of the client area
                                        WM_PALETTECHANGED,A window has realized its logical palette
                                        WM_PARENTNOTIFY,Sent to the parent when the child window is created destroyed or clicked
                                        WM_PASTE,Copy current content of the clipboard to control
                                        WM_PRINTCLIENT,Render client area in current device context request
                                        WM_QUERYDRAGICON,Minimized window is about to be dragged but does not have an icon defined for its class
                                        WM_QUERYENDSESSION,User chose to end current Windows session
                                        WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE,Window may realize its logical palette what focus is received
                                        WM_QUERYOPEN,Sent to an icon when the user requests that the window be restored
                                        WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK,User double clicked right mouse button in client area
                                        WM_RBUTTONDOWN,User pressed right mouse button in client area
                                        WM_RBUTTONUP,User released right mouse button in client area
                                        WM_SETCURSOR,Cursor moved within window and is not captured
                                        WM_SETFOCUS,Window has keyboard focus
                                        WM_SETFONT,Set desired font window is to use while drawing text
                                        WM_SETICON,Associate a new large or small icon with a window
                                        WM_SETREDRAW,Allow or prevent redraws to take place
                                        WM_SETTEXT,Set the text of the window
                                        WM_SETTINGCHANGE,A system wide setting has changed
                                        WM_SHOWWINDOW,Window is about to be hidden or shown
                                        WM_SIZE,Window size has been changed
                                        WM_SIZING,Sent to a window that the user is resizing
                                        WM_STYLECHANGED,Window's style has changed
                                        WM_STYLECHANGING,One or more of the window's styles is about to change
                                        WM_SYSCHAR,System ALT key has been translated
                                        WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE,A change has been made to a system color setting
                                        WM_SYSCOMMAND,User chose a command from the system menu
                                        WM_SYSKEYDOWN,System key has been pressed (F10 or ALT-key)
                                        WM_SYSKEYUP,System key has been released (F10 or ALT-key)
                                        WM_THEMECHANGED,Broadcast to every window following a theme change event.
                                        WM_TIMER,Timer expired
                                        WM_USERCHANGED,User has logged on or off system updates the user-specific settings
                                        WM_VKEYTOITEM,List box want keyboard input notification
                                        WM_VSCROLL,Scroll event occurred in the vertical scroll bar
                                        WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED,Size position or Z order has changed
                                        WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING,Size position or Z order is about to change
                                        WM_WININICHANGE,A system wide setting has changed
                                        Messages handled directly by controls,
                                        Animation Control,
                                        ACM_OPEN,Open AVI clip and display first frame
                                        ACM_PLAY,Play AVI clip
                                        ACM_STOP,Stop AVI playback
                                        ComboBox control messages,
                                        CB_DELETESTRING,Delete string in the list box of the combo box
                                        CB_FINDSTRINGEXACT,Find the first specified string in the combo box
                                        CB_GETCOUNT,Retrieve the number of items in the combo box
                                        CB_GETCURSEL,Retrieve the index of the currently selected item
                                        CB_GETDROPPEDCONTROLRECT,Retrieve the screen coordinates of the drop-down list box
                                        CB_GETDROPPEDSTATE,Determine whether the combo box is dropped down
                                        CB_GETEXTENDEDUI,Determine if combo box has the default or extended user interface
                                        CB_GETITEMDATA,Retrieve the application-supplied 32-bit associated item value
                                        CB_GETITEMHEIGHT,Determine the height of the list items or selection field
                                        CB_GETLBTEXT,Retrieve a string from the list of the combo box
                                        CB_GETLBTEXTLEN,Retrieve the length of a string in the list of the combo box
                                        CB_LIMITTEXT,Limit the text length the user may type into the combo box edit field
                                        CB_RESETCONTENT,Remove all items from the combo box
                                        CB_SELECTSTRING,Search the list for an item that begins with a specified string
                                        CB_SETCURSEL,Select a string in the combo box list
                                        CB_SETDROPPEDWITH,Set the maximum allowable width of the combo box width
                                        CB_SETEXTENDEDUI,Select the default or extended user interface for the combo box
                                        CB_SETITEMDATA,Set the 32-bit value associated with the combo box item
                                        CB_SETITEMHEIGHT,Set the height of the list items or selection field of the combo box
                                        CB_SHOWDROPDOWN,Show or hide the list box of the combo box
                                        ComboBoxEx control messages,
                                        CBEM_DELETEITEM,Remove combo box item (Mapped to CB_DELETESTRING)
                                        CBEM_GETCOMBOCONTROL,Return handle to the child combo box control
                                        CBEM_GETEDITCONTROL,Return handle to the edit box portion of the ComboBoxEx control
                                        CBEM_GETEXTENDEDSTYLE,Retrieve the extended styles of the control
                                        CBEM_GETIMAGELIST,Retrieve the handle of the associated image list
                                        CBEM_GETITEM,Retrieve item information
                                        CBEM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Gets Unicode format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        CBEM_HASEDITCHANGED,Determines if user changed contents of the combo box edit control
                                        CBEM_INSERTITEM,Insert a new item
                                        CBEM_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE,Set extended styles of the control
                                        CBEM_SETIMAGELIST,Set associated image list
                                        CBEM_SETITEM,Set the attributes of an item
                                        CBEM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Sets Unicode format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Date and Time Picker control messages,
                                        DTM_GETMCCOLOR,Return current colors of the child month calendar
                                        DTM_GETMCFONT,Return font of child month calendar
                                        DTM_GETMONTHCAL,Return the handle to the child month calendar control
                                        DTM_GETRANGE,Return the current minimum and maximum allowable system times
                                        DTM_GETSYSTEMTIME,Return currently selected date and time
                                        DTM_SETFORMAT,Set the date and time display format
                                        DTM_SETMCCOLOR,Set colors of child month calendar
                                        DTM_SETMCFONT,Set font of child month calendar
                                        DTM_SETRANGE,Set the minimum and maximum allowable times
                                        DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME,Set date and time
                                        Header control messages,
                                        HDM_CREATEDRAGIMAGE,Create semi-transparent version of item image used for dragging
                                        HDM_DELETEITEM,Delete item
                                        HDM_GETIMAGELIST,Retrieve associated image list
                                        HDM_GETITEM,Return information about item
                                        HDM_GETITEMCOUNT,Return count of items
                                        HDM_GETITEMRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle for a given item
                                        HDM_GETORDERARRAY,Retrieve current left-to-right order of items
                                        HDM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        HDM_HITTEST,Determine which item is at specified point
                                        HDM_INSERTITEM,Insert new item
                                        HDM_LAYOUT,Retrieve correct size and position of control with respect to parent window
                                        HDM_ORDERTOINDEX,Return index value based on order
                                        HDM_SETHOTDIVIDER,Change color of a specified divider between items
                                        HDM_SETIMAGELIST,Assign image list to control
                                        HDM_SETITEM,Set attributes of specified item
                                        HDM_SETORDERARRAY,Set left-to-right order of items
                                        HDM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Hot Key control messages,
                                        HKM_GETHOTKEY,Return virtual key code and modifier flags
                                        HKM_SETHOTKEY,Set hot key combination
                                        HKM_SETRULES,Define invalid and default modifier combinations
                                        IP Address control messages,
                                        IPM_CLEARADDRESS,Clear contents
                                        IPM_GETADDRESS,Retrieve address values for all four fields
                                        IPM_ISBLANK,Determine if all fields in control are blank
                                        IPM_SETADDRESS,Set address values for all fields
                                        IPM_SETFOCUS,Set focus to field
                                        IPM_SETRANGE,Set valid range for specified field
                                        List Box control messages,
                                        LB_ADDFILE,Add filename to list
                                        LB_ADDSTRING,Add string to list
                                        LB_DELETESTRING,Remove string from list
                                        LB_DIR,Add a list of filenames
                                        LB_FINDSTRING,Locate first string that contains specified prefix
                                        LB_FINDSTRINGEXACT,Locate first exact string match
                                        LB_GETANCHORINDEX,Retrieve index of multiple selection anchor item
                                        LB_GETCARETINDEX,Retrieve index of item with focus rectangle
                                        LB_GETCOUNT,Retrieve item count
                                        LB_GETCURSEL,Retrieve index of currently selected item
                                        LB_GETHORIZONTALEXTENT,Retrieve scrollable width
                                        LB_GETITEMDATA,Retrieve application-defined associated item value
                                        LB_GETITEMHEIGHT,Retrieve item height
                                        LB_GETITEMRECT,Retrieve dimensions of bounding item rectangle
                                        LB_GETLOCALE,Retrieve current locale
                                        LB_GETSEL,Retrieve selection state of an item
                                        LB_GETSELCOUNT,Retrieve total number of selected items
                                        LB_GETSELITEMS,Fill integer buffer with multiple selection indices
                                        LB_GETTEXT,Retrieve item string
                                        LB_GETTEXTLEN,Retrieve character length of item
                                        LB_GETTOPINDEX,Retrieve index of first visible item
                                        LB_INITSTORAGE,Pre-allocate memory for storage of a large number of items
                                        LB_INSERTSTRING,Insert string
                                        LB_ITEMFROMPOINT,Retrieve index of item nearest specified point
                                        LB_RESETCONTENT,Remove all items
                                        LB_SELECTSTRING,Search for item that begins with specified characters and select if found
                                        LB_SELITEMRANGE,Select one or more consecutive items
                                        LB_SELITEMRANGEEX,Select one or more consecutive items (extended)
                                        LB_SETANCHORINDEX,Set multiple selection anchor item
                                        LB_SETCARETINDEX,Set focus rectangle on multiple selection item
                                        LB_SETCOLUMNWIDTH,Set column multi-column width
                                        LB_SETCOUNT,Set count of items
                                        LB_SETCURSEL,Select an item and scroll it into view
                                        LB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT,Set scrollable width
                                        LB_SETITEMDATA,Set application-defined associated item value
                                        LB_SETITEMHEIGHT,Set item height
                                        LB_SETLOCALE,Set current locale
                                        LB_SETSEL,Select a multiple selection item
                                        LB_SETTABSTOPS,Set tab-stop positions
                                        LB_SETTOPINDEX,Ensure an item is visible
                                        List View control messages,
                                        LVM_APPROXIMATEVIEWRECT,Calculate approximate dimensions required to display a number of items
                                        LVM_ARRANGE,Arrange items in icon view
                                        LVM_CREATEDRAGIMAGE,Create drag image list for specified item
                                        LVM_DELETEALLITEMS,Remove all items
                                        LVM_DELETECOLUMN,Remove column
                                        LVM_DELETEITEM,Remove item
                                        LVM_EDITLABEL,Begin in-place editing of specified item text
                                        LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE,Ensure item is either entirely or partially visible
                                        LVM_FINDITEM,Search for item with specified characteristics
                                        LVM_GETBKCOLOR,Retrieve background color
                                        LVM_GETBKIMAGE,Retrieve background image
                                        LVM_GETCALLBACKMASK,Retrieve callback mask
                                        LVM_GETCOLUMN,Retrieve attributes of a column
                                        LVM_GETCOLUMNORDERARRAY,Retrieve current left-to-right column ordering
                                        LVM_GETCOLUMNWIDTH,Return width of specified column in report or list view
                                        LVM_GETCOUNTPERPAGE,Calculate number of items that can fit vertically while in report view
                                        LVM_GETEDITCONTROL,Retrieve handle to edit control being used to edit text
                                        LVM_GETEXTENDEDLISTVIEWSTYLE,Retrieve extended styles currently in use
                                        LVM_GETHEADER,Return handle to header control being used
                                        LVM_GETHOTCURSOR,Retrieve handle to cursor used while hot tracking is enabled
                                        LVM_GETHOTITEM,Retrieve index of hot item
                                        LVM_GETHOVERTIME,Return time cursor must hover oven an item before selection in hot tracking mode
                                        LVM_GETIMAGELIST,Return handle to associated image lists
                                        LVM_GETISEARCHSTRING,Retrieve incremental search string
                                        LVM_GETITEM,Retrieve some or all of an item's attributes
                                        LVM_GETITEMCOUNT,Return current number of items
                                        LVM_GETITEMPOSITION,Return position of item
                                        LVM_GETITEMRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle for all or part of an item
                                        LVM_GETITEMSPACING,Determine spacing amount between items
                                        LVM_GETITEMSTATE,Retrieve state of an item
                                        LVM_GETITEMTEXT,Return text associated with an item or subitem
                                        LVM_GETNEXTITEM,Search for an item that has specified properties and relationship to another item
                                        LVM_GETNUMBEROFWORKAREAS,Return number of working areas
                                        LVM_GETORIGIN,Return current view origin
                                        LVM_GETSELECTEDCOUNT,Determine number of selected items
                                        LVM_GETSELECTIONMARK,Retrieve selection mark where multiple selection starts
                                        LVM_GETSTRINGWIDTH,Determine width of specified string using the control's font
                                        LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT,Retrieve information about bounding rectangle for a subitem
                                        LVM_GETTEXTBKCOLOR,Return text background color
                                        LVM_GETTEXTCOLOR,Return text color
                                        LVM_GETTOOLTIPS,Return handle to associated tooltip control
                                        LVM_GETTOPINDEX,Retrieve index of the topmost visible item when in list or report view
                                        LVM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        LVM_GETVIEWRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle for all items in control
                                        LVM_GETWORKAREAS,Retrieve working areas from control
                                        LVM_HITTEST,Determine which item (if any) exists at specified position
                                        LVM_INSERTCOLUMN,Insert a new column
                                        LVM_INSERTITEM,Insert a new item
                                        LVM_REDRAWITEMS,Force items in a range to redraw
                                        LVM_SCROLL,Scroll contents
                                        LVM_SETBKCOLOR,Set background color
                                        LVM_SETBKIMAGE,Set background image
                                        LVM_SETCALLBACKMASK,Change callback mask for all items in control
                                        LVM_SETCOLUMN,Set attributes of a column
                                        LVM_SETCOLUMNORDERARRAY,Set left-to-right order of columns
                                        LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH,Change width of a column in report or list view
                                        LVM_SETEXTENDEDLISTVIEWSTYLE,Set extended styles currently in use
                                        LVM_SETHOTCURSOR,Set hot cursor used for hot tracking
                                        LVM_SETHOTITEM,Set current hot item
                                        LVM_SETHOVERTIME,Set time needed to hover over an item before it is selected during hot tracking
                                        LVM_SETICONSPACING,Set spacing between icons while in icon view
                                        LVM_SETIMAGELIST,Set associated image lists
                                        LVM_SETITEM,Set some or all of an item's attributes
                                        LVM_SETITEMCOUNT,Set item count (allocate item memory or set virtual item count)
                                        LVM_SETITEMPOSITION,Move item to a specified position
                                        LVM_SETITEMPOSITION32,Move item to a specified position (32-bit coordinates)
                                        LVM_SETITEMSTATE,Set state of an item
                                        LVM_SETITEMTEXT,Set text associated with an item or subitem
                                        LVM_SETSELECTIONMARK,Set selection mark in control
                                        LVM_SETTEXTBKCOLOR,Set text background color
                                        LVM_SETTEXTCOLOR,Set text color
                                        LVM_SETTOOLTIPS,Set associated tooltip control
                                        LVM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        LVM_SETWORKAREAS,Set working areas within control
                                        LVM_SORTITEMS,Sort items based on an application-defined comparison function
                                        LVM_SUBITEMHITTEST,Determine which item or subitem is at a given position
                                        LVM_UPDATE,Update an item
                                        Month Calendar control messages,
                                        MCM_GETCOLOR,Retrieve color for a given portion of the control
                                        MCM_GETCURSEL,Retrieve currently selected date
                                        MCM_GETFIRSTDAYOFWEEK,Return first day of the week
                                        MCM_GETMAXSELCOUNT,Return the maximum date range that can be selected
                                        MCM_GETMAXTODAYWIDTH,"Return maximum width in pixels of ""today"" string "
                                        MCM_GETMINREQRECT,Retrieve minimum size required to display a full month
                                        MCM_GETMONTHDELTA,Return scroll rate
                                        MCM_GETMONTHRANGE,Retrieve high and low limit of display
                                        MCM_GETRANGE,Return minimum and maximum allowable dates
                                        MCM_GETSELRANGE,Retrieve upper and lower limits of the date range currently selected
                                        MCM_GETTODAY,"Retrieve ""today"" date information "
                                        MCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        MCM_HITTEST,Determine which portion of control is at specified point
                                        MCM_SETCOLOR,Set color for a given portion of the control
                                        MCM_SETCURSEL,Set currently selected date
                                        MCM_SETDAYSTATE,Set day state for all visible months
                                        MCM_SETFIRSTDAYOFWEEK,Set the first day of the week
                                        MCM_SETMAXSELCOUNT,Set maximum number of days that may be selected
                                        MCM_SETMONTHDELTA,Set scroll rate
                                        MCM_SETRANGE,Set minimum and maximum allowable dates
                                        MCM_SETSELRANGE,Set selection to a given date range
                                        MCM_SETTODAY,"Set ""today"" section "
                                        MCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Progress Bar control messages,
                                        PBM_DELTAPOS,Advance by specified increment and redraw
                                        PBM_GETPOS,Retrieve current position
                                        PBM_GETRANGE,Retrieve information about the current high and low limits
                                        PBM_SETBARCOLOR,Set color of indicator bar
                                        PBM_SETBKCOLOR,Set background color
                                        PBM_SETPOS,Set current position and redraw
                                        PBM_SETRANGE,Set minimum and maximum values
                                        PBM_SETRANGE32,Set 32-bit range
                                        PBM_SETSTEP,Specify step increment
                                        PBM_STEPIT,Advance current position by step and redraw
                                        Pager control messages,
                                        PGM_FORWARDMOUSE,Enable or disable mouse forwarding
                                        PGM_GETBKCOLOR,Return current background color
                                        PGM_GETBORDER,Return current border size
                                        PGM_GETBUTTONSIZE,Return current button size
                                        PGM_GETBUTTONSTATE,Return state of specified button
                                        PGM_GETDROPTARGET,Retrieve drop target interface pointer (Mapped to CCM_GETDROPTARGET)
                                        PGM_GETPOS,Return current scroll position
                                        PGM_RECALCSIZE,Force size recalculation of contained window
                                        PGM_SETBKCOLOR,Set current background color
                                        PGM_SETBORDER,Set current border size
                                        PGM_SETBUTTONSIZE,Set button size
                                        PGM_SETCHILD,Set contained window
                                        PGM_SETPOS,Set current scroll position
                                        Property Sheet control messages,
                                        PSM_ADDPAGE,Add new page to the end of the sheet
                                        PSM_APPLY,Simulate selection of the Apply button
                                        PSM_CANCELTOCLOSE,Disable Cancel button and change text of Ok button to Close
                                        PSM_CHANGED,Inform sheet that information in a page has changed
                                        PSM_GETCURRENTPAGEHWND,Retrieve handle to window of current page
                                        PSM_GETTABCONTROL,Retrieve underlying Property Sheet control
                                        PSM_ISDIALOGMESSAGE,Pass message to sheet
                                        PSM_PRESSBUTTON,Simulate selection of a button
                                        PSM_QUERYSIBLINGS,Pass message to all pages
                                        PSM_REBOOTSYSTEM,Specify that the system needs to be restarted for changes to take effect
                                        PSM_REMOVEPAGE,Remove page
                                        PSM_RESTARTWINDOWS,Specify that Windows needs to be restarted for changed to take effect
                                        PSM_SETCURSEL,Activate page
                                        PSM_SETCURSELID,Activate page based on identifier
                                        PSM_SETFINISHTEXT,Set text of the Finish button in a wizard property sheet
                                        PSM_SETTITLE,Set title of sheet
                                        PSM_SETWIZBUTTONS,Enable or disable Back Next and Finish buttons in a wizard property sheet
                                        PSM_UNCHANGED,Specify that information in a page has reverted to a previous saved state
                                        Rebar control messages,
                                        RB_BEGINDRAG,Place control in drag-and-drop mode
                                        RB_DELETEBAND,Remove band
                                        RB_DRAGMOVE,Update drag position in control
                                        RB_ENDDRAG,Terminate drag-and-drop operation
                                        RB_GETBANDBORDERS,Retrieve borders of a band
                                        RB_GETBANDCOUNT,Return band count
                                        RB_GETBANDINFO,Return information about a specified band
                                        RB_GETBARHEIGHT,Return height of control
                                        RB_GETBARINFO,Return information about the control and the image list it uses
                                        RB_GETBKCOLOR,Return background color
                                        RB_GETCOLORSCHEME,Return color scheme information (Mapped to CCM_GETCOLORSCHEME)
                                        RB_GETDROPTARGET,Retrieve drop target interface pointer (Mapped to CCM_GETDROPTARGET)
                                        RB_GETPALETTE,Return current palette
                                        RB_GETRECT,Return bounding rectangle for a given band
                                        RB_GETROWCOUNT,Return number of rows of bands
                                        RB_GETROWHEIGHT,Return height of a specified row
                                        RB_GETTEXTCOLOR,Return default text color
                                        RB_GETTOOLTIPS,Return handle of associated tooltip control
                                        RB_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        RB_HITTEST,Determine which portion of a band is at a given point on the screen
                                        RB_IDTOINDEX,Convert band identifier to index
                                        RB_INSERTBAND,Insert a new band
                                        RB_MAXIMIZEBAND,Resize band to its ideal or largest size
                                        RB_MINIMIZEBAND,Resize band to its smallest size
                                        RB_MOVEBAND,Move band from one index to another
                                        RB_SETBANDINFO,Set characteristics of an existing band
                                        RB_SETBARINFO,Set characteristics of the control
                                        RB_SETBKCOLOR,Set default background color
                                        RB_SETCOLORSCHEME,Set color scheme information of control (Mapped to CCM_SETCOLORSCHEME)
                                        RB_SETPALETTE,Set the current palette
                                        RB_SETPARENT,Set parent window
                                        RB_SETTEXTCOLOR,Set default text color
                                        RB_SETTOOLTIPS,Associate tooltip control
                                        RB_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        RB_SHOWBAND,Show or hide a given band
                                        RB_SIZETORECT,Find best layout of bands for given rectangle
                                        Status Bar control messages,
                                        SB_GETBORDERS,Return current horizontal and vertical border width
                                        SB_GETICON,Return handle of specified icon
                                        SB_GETPARTS,Retrieve count of parts
                                        SB_GETRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle of part
                                        SB_GETTEXT,Retrieve text of specified part
                                        SB_GETTEXTLENGTH,Return character length of text in specified part
                                        SB_GETTIPTEXT,Return tooltip text for specified part
                                        SB_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        SB_ISSIMPLE,Determine if in simple mode
                                        SB_SETBKCOLOR,Set background color
                                        SB_SETICON,Set icon of part
                                        SB_SETMINHEIGHT,Set minimum height of drawing area
                                        SB_SETPARTS,Set widths and number of parts
                                        SB_SETTEXT,Set text in specified part
                                        SB_SETTIPTEXT,Set tooltip text of specified part
                                        SB_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        SB_SIMPLE,Set simple property
                                        Toolbar control messages,
                                        TB_ADDBITMAP,Add one or more images to list of available button images
                                        TB_ADDBUTTONS,Add one or more buttons
                                        TB_ADDSTRING,Add new string to list of available strings
                                        TB_AUTOSIZE,Force resize
                                        TB_BUTTONCOUNT,Retrieve button count
                                        TB_BUTTONSTRUCTSIZE,Make known size of TBBUTTON structure
                                        TB_CHANGEBITMAP,Change bitmap associated with a button
                                        TB_CHECKBUTTON,Check or uncheck a given button
                                        TB_COMMANDTOINDEX,Return zero-based index of button associated with command identifier
                                        TB_CUSTOMIZE,Display Customize dialog box
                                        TB_DELETEBUTTON,Remove a button
                                        TB_ENABLEBUTTON,Enables or disables a specified button
                                        TB_GETANCHORHIGHLIGHT,Return anchor highlight setting
                                        TB_GETBITMAP,Return index of bitmap associated with a button
                                        TB_GETBITMAPFLAGS,Returns flags for current bitmap
                                        TB_GETBUTTON,Return information about a specified button
                                        TB_GETBUTTONINFO,Return extended information about a specified button
                                        TB_GETBUTTONSIZE,Retrieve dimensions of buttons
                                        TB_GETBUTTONTEXT,Return text associated with a button
                                        TB_GETCOLORSCHEME,Return color scheme information (Mapped to CCM_GETCOLORSCHEME)
                                        TB_GETDISABLEDIMAGELIST,Return handle to disabled button image list
                                        TB_GETEXTENDEDSTYLE,Return extended styles
                                        TB_GETHOTIMAGELIST,Return handle to hot button image list
                                        TB_GETHOTITEM,Return index of hot item
                                        TB_GETIMAGELIST,Return handle to the default state image list
                                        TB_GETINSERTMARK,Return current insertion mark
                                        TB_GETINSERTMARKCOLOR,Return color used to draw insertion mark
                                        TB_GETITEMRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle of a button (except hidden buttons)
                                        TB_GETMAXSIZE,Return total size of all visible buttons and separators
                                        TB_GETOBJECT,Retrieves IDropTarget interface
                                        TB_GETPADDING,Returns padding setting
                                        TB_GETRECT,Return bounding rectangle of a specified button
                                        TB_GETROWS,Return number of rows of buttons
                                        TB_GETSTATE,Return button state information
                                        TB_GETSTYLE,Return current control styles
                                        TB_GETTEXTROWS,Return maximum number of text rows that can be displayed on a button
                                        TB_GETTOOLTIPS,Retrieve handle of the tooltip control
                                        TB_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        TB_HIDEBUTTON,Hide or show specified button
                                        TB_HITTEST,Determine where point lies in control
                                        TB_INDETERMINATE,Sets or clears indeterminate button state
                                        TB_INSERTBUTTON,Insert a button
                                        TB_INSERTMARKHITTEST,Retrieves insertion mark information for a point
                                        TB_ISBUTTONCHECKED,Determines if button is checked
                                        TB_ISBUTTONENABLED,Determines if button is enabled
                                        TB_ISBUTTONHIDDEN,Determines if button is hidden
                                        TB_ISBUTTONHIGHLIGHTED,Determines if button is highlighted
                                        TB_ISBUTTONINDETERMINATE,Determines if button is indeterminate
                                        TB_ISBUTTONPRESSED,Determines if button is pressed
                                        TB_LOADIMAGES,Load bitmaps in control's image list
                                        TB_MAPACCELERATOR,Maps an accelerator character to a button
                                        TB_MARKBUTTON,Set highlight state of a given button
                                        TB_MOVEBUTTON,Move button from one index to another
                                        TB_PRESSBUTTON,Presses or releases a specified button
                                        TB_REPLACEBITMAP,Replace an existing bitmap with a new bitmap
                                        TB_SAVERESTORE,Save or restore the state of the control
                                        TB_SETANCHORHIGHLIGHT,Set the anchor highlight setting
                                        TB_SETBITMAPSIZE,Set size of bitmap images
                                        TB_SETBUTTONINFO,Set information for an existing button
                                        TB_SETBUTTONSIZE,Set size of buttons to be added to control
                                        TB_SETBUTTONWIDTH,Set the minimum and maximum button widths
                                        TB_SETCMDID,Set the command identifier of a button
                                        TB_SETCOLORSCHEME,Set the color scheme information of control (Mapped to CCM_SETCOLORSCHEME)
                                        TB_SETDISABLEDIMAGELIST,Set image list for displaying disabled buttons
                                        TB_SETDRAWTEXTFLAGS,Set text drawing flags of control
                                        TB_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE,Set extended styles of control
                                        TB_SETHOTIMAGELIST,Set image list for displaying hot buttons
                                        TB_SETHOTITEM,Set current hot item
                                        TB_SETIMAGELIST,Set image list for displaying normal buttons
                                        TB_SETINDENT,Set indentation for first button in control
                                        TB_SETINSERTMARK,Set current insertion mark
                                        TB_SETINSERTMARKCOLOR,Set color used for insertion mark
                                        TB_SETMAXTEXTROWS,Set maximum number of text rows for display
                                        TB_SETPADDING,Set padding for control
                                        TB_SETPARENT,Set destination of notification messages
                                        TB_SETROWS,Set number of rows of buttons
                                        TB_SETSTATE,Set state of button
                                        TB_SETSTYLE,Set style of control
                                        TB_SETTOOLTIPS,Associate tooltip control
                                        TB_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Trackbar control messages,
                                        TBM_CLEARSEL,Clear current selection range
                                        TBM_CLEARTICS,Remove current tick marks
                                        TBM_GETBUDDY,Retrieve handle to buddy window
                                        TBM_GETCHANNELRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle of channel
                                        TBM_GETLINESIZE,Retrieve number of logical positions slider moves in response to arrow keys
                                        TBM_GETNUMTICS,Retrieve number of tick marks
                                        TBM_GETPAGESIZE,Retrieve number of logical positions slider moves in response to page up/down keys
                                        TBM_GETPOS,Return logical position
                                        TBM_GETPTICS,Retrieve pointer to array of positions of tick marks
                                        TBM_GETRANGEMAX,Retrieve maximum position for slider
                                        TBM_GETRANGEMIN,Retrieve minimum position for slider
                                        TBM_GETSELEND,Retrieve ending position of current selection range
                                        TBM_GETSELSTART,Retrieve starting position of current selection range
                                        TBM_GETTHUMBLENGTH,Retrieve length of the slider
                                        TBM_GETTHUMBRECT,Retrieve bounding rectangle of slider
                                        TBM_GETTIC,Retrieve logical position of a tick mark
                                        TBM_GETTICPOS,Retrieve current physical position of a tick mark
                                        TBM_GETTOOLTIPS,Retrieve handle of assigned tooltip control
                                        TBM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        TBM_SETBUDDY,Assign buddy window
                                        TBM_SETLINESIZE,Set number of logical positions slider moves in response to arrow keys
                                        TBM_SETPAGESIZE,Set number of logical positions slider moves in response to page up/down keys
                                        TBM_SETPOS,Set logical position
                                        TBM_SETRANGE,Set range of minimum and maximum logical positions of slider
                                        TBM_SETRANGEMAX,Set maximum logical position of slider
                                        TBM_SETRANGEMIN,Set minimum logical position of slider
                                        TBM_SETSEL,Set starting and ending logical positions for current selection range
                                        TBM_SETSELEND,Set ending logical position of current selection range
                                        TBM_SETSELSTART,Set starting logical position of current selection range
                                        TBM_SETTHUMBLENGTH,Set length of the slider
                                        TBM_SETTIC,Set tick mark a specified logical position
                                        TBM_SETTICFREQ,Set interval frequency for tick marks
                                        TBM_SETTIPSIDE,Position tooltip control
                                        TBM_SETTOOLTIPS,Set associated tooltip control
                                        TBM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Tab control messages,
                                        TCM_ADJUSTRECT,Calculate display area given a window rectangle
                                        TCM_DELETEALLITEMS,Remove all items
                                        TCM_DELETEITEM,Remove a specified item
                                        TCM_DESELECTALL,Reset items
                                        TCM_GETCURFOCUS,Return index of item that has current focus
                                        TCM_GETCURSEL,Return current selection
                                        TCM_GETEXTENDEDSTYLE,Return extended styles currently in use
                                        TCM_GETIMAGELIST,Return handle to associated image list
                                        TCM_GETITEM,Return information about an item
                                        TCM_GETITEMCOUNT,Return item count
                                        TCM_GETITEMRECT,Return bounding rectangle of item
                                        TCM_GETROWCOUNT,Return current number of rows
                                        TCM_GETTOOLTIPS,Return handle associated image list
                                        TCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        TCM_HIGHLIGHTITEM,Set highlight state of an item
                                        TCM_HITTEST,Determine which item if any is at a specified screen coordinate
                                        TCM_INSERTITEM,Insert a new item
                                        TCM_REMOVEIMAGE,Remove image from associated image list
                                        TCM_SETCURFOCUS,Set focus to a specified item
                                        TCM_SETCURSEL,Select item
                                        TCM_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE,Set extended styles
                                        TCM_SETIMAGELIST,Assign image list
                                        TCM_SETITEM,Set some or all item attributes
                                        TCM_SETITEMEXTRA,Set number of bytes per item reserved for application-defined data
                                        TCM_SETITEMSIZE,Set item width and height
                                        TCM_SETMINTABWIDTH,Set minimum width of item
                                        TCM_SETPADDING,Set amount of padding space around item's text and icon
                                        TCM_SETTOOLTIPS,Assign tooltip control
                                        TCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Tooltip control messages,
                                        TTM_ACTIVATE,Activate or deactivate control
                                        TTM_ADDTOOL,Register tool
                                        TTM_DELTOOL,Remove tool
                                        TTM_ENUMTOOLS,Retrieve tool information by index
                                        TTM_GETCURRENTTOOL,Retrieve information about the current tool
                                        TTM_GETDELAYTIME,Retrieve initial pop-up or reshow duration
                                        TTM_GETMARGIN,Retrieve top left bottom and right display margin
                                        TTM_GETMAXTIPWIDTH,Retrieve maximum ideal display window width
                                        TTM_GETTEXT,Retrieve tool text
                                        TTM_GETTIPBKCOLOR,Retrieve control background color
                                        TTM_GETTIPTEXTCOLOR,Retrieve control text color
                                        TTM_GETTOOLCOUNT,Retrieve registered tool count
                                        TTM_GETTOOLINFO,Retrieve tool information
                                        TTM_HITTEST,Test point to determine if within specified tool
                                        TTM_NEWTOOLRECT,Set a new bounding rectangle for a tool
                                        TTM_POP,Remove display window
                                        TTM_RELAYEVENT,Pass mouse message to control
                                        TTM_SETDELAYTIME,Set initial pop-up or reshow duration
                                        TTM_SETMARGIN,Set top left bottom and right display margin
                                        TTM_SETMAXTIPWIDTH,Set maximum ideal display window width
                                        TTM_SETTIPBKCOLOR,Set control background color
                                        TTM_SETTIPTEXTCOLOR,Set control text color
                                        TTM_SETTOOLINFO,Set tool information
                                        TTM_TRACKACTIVATE,Activate or deactivate tracking mode
                                        TTM_TRACKPOSITION,Set tracking position
                                        TTM_UPDATE,Force display window to be redrawn
                                        TTM_UPDATETIPTEXT,Set tool text
                                        TTM_WINDOWFROMPOINT,Used for displaying text for a tool other than that beneath the cursor
                                        Tree View control messages,
                                        TVM_CREATEDRAGIMAGE,Create a dragged bitmap image
                                        TVM_DELETEITEM,Remove an item from the tree
                                        TVM_EDITLABEL,Begin in-place editing of an item
                                        TVM_ENDEDITLABELNOW,Terminate editing of an item
                                        TVM_ENSUREVISIBLE,Ensure item is visible
                                        TVM_EXPAND,Expand or collape a parent's child items
                                        TVM_GETBKCOLOR,Return the current background color
                                        TVM_GETCOUNT,Return count of items
                                        TVM_GETEDITCONTROL,Return handle to in-place edit control
                                        TVM_GETIMAGELIST,Return handle to the associated normal or state image list
                                        TVM_GETINDENT,Return indention distance between parent and child items
                                        TVM_GETINSERTMARKCOLOR,Return color used to draw the insertion mark
                                        TVM_GETISEARCHSTRING,Return incrememtal search string
                                        TVM_GETITEM,Return some or all of an items attributes
                                        TVM_GETITEMHEIGHT,Return current height of an item
                                        TVM_GETITEMRECT,Return bounding rectangle of an item and indicate whether its visible
                                        TVM_GETNEXTITEM,Return item that has the specified relationship to the given item
                                        TVM_GETSCROLLTIME,Return maximum scroll time
                                        TVM_GETTEXTCOLOR,Return current text color
                                        TVM_GETTOOLTIPS,Return handle to child tool tip control
                                        TVM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        TVM_GETVISIBLECOUNT,Return number of fully visible items
                                        TVM_HITTEST,Return item handle that occupies specified point
                                        TVM_INSERTITEM,Insert a new item
                                        TVM_SELECTITEM,Select scroll to or redraw item
                                        TVM_SETBKCOLOR,Set the background color
                                        TVM_SETIMAGELIST,Associate normal or state image list
                                        TVM_SETINDENT,Set width of indention between parent items and their children
                                        TVM_SETINSERTMARK,Set insertion mark
                                        TVM_SETINSERTMARKCOLOR,Set color used to draw the insertion mark
                                        TVM_SETITEM,Set some or all of an items attributes
                                        TVM_SETITEMHEIGHT,Set the height of items
                                        TVM_SETSCROLLTIME,Set the maximum scroll time
                                        TVM_SETTEXTCOLOR,Set the text color
                                        TVM_SETTOOLTIPS,Set the child tooltip control
                                        TVM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set the UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        TVM_SORTCHILDREN,Sort child items of parent
                                        TVM_SORTCHILDRENCB,Sort child items of parent via callback
                                        Up-Down control messages,
                                        UDM_GETACCEL,Retrieve acceleration information
                                        UDM_GETBASE,Retrieve current radix base
                                        UDM_GETBUDDY,Retrieve handle to current buddy window
                                        UDM_GETPOS,Retrieve current position
                                        UDM_GETRANGE,Retrieve range
                                        UDM_GETRANGE32,Retrieve 32-bit range
                                        UDM_GETUNICODEFORMAT,Return UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_GETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        UDM_SETACCEL,Set acceleration
                                        UDM_SETBASE,Set radix base for buddy window display
                                        UDM_SETBUDDY,Set buddy window
                                        UDM_SETPOS,Set current position
                                        UDM_SETRANGE,Set range
                                        UDM_SETRANGE32,Set 32-bit range
                                        UDM_SETUNICODEFORMAT,Set UNICODE character format flag (Mapped to CCM_SETUNICODEFORMAT)
                                        Rgds, Dave