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Reading a .OMZ file

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  • Reading a .OMZ file

    My marktet data is in a file that is in some proprietary format called .OMZ. There is one file per day, and it contains all the Stocks/Future/Indexs data for that day.

    So in each file is Price data for hundreds of symbols.

    The way I am doing it now, it takes this Dumb app about 15 Mins per month to pull out the data. Then I have to spend another 10 mins ****ing it thru another app to finally spit it out as Ascii data so that I can begin work on it.

    I would like to be able to read the .OMZ file directly and pull out the data but i have no idea how to begin figuring out the format.

    I would greatly appreciate any help. (I can attach a .OMZ for inspection)

    Kind Regards

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    If it's a proprietary format, it may well not be legal to deconstruct it.
    Best check with the owner of the format first.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      Yeah its definatly legal. Someone else has done it - but wont share

      Kind Regards

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        If you have a "small" (relatively speaking) file, send it and the ascii representation and I'll have a look at it. No guarantees if the data is encrypted.

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          I believe OMZ stands for Omega zip file format. Maybe just needs to
          be unzipped to become ASCII file? Wild guess, but some "proprietary"
          file formats works that way - pack data into text file, zip, and you
          have created a new format - so let's call it .PBZ, or whatever..

          But - just because someone has "cracked" the format doesn't mean it's
          legal to do it, which probably also is why they won't share it. Since
          the formats seems to be used for stock market analysis (?), I guess
          there is some mighty powerful company behind it. One with many lawyers..

          Best advice - find out who "owns" the format and ask for their approval
          and maybe even help. Many companies actually don't mind sharing these
          things with developers who asks..

          BTW: a quick search revealed a company called TradeStation Technologies

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