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PB Regression Testing Tool?

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  • PB Regression Testing Tool?

    Am I wishing hopelessly. I work for a company that uses PB for a very diverse (huge) desktop application. I am part of the QC Testing group for this software and we find ourselves scrambling to do regression tests to ensure our 'fixes' don't break anything.

    I have used some good regression tools in the past with other products. However, I am having trouble finding one that will work with PB. Does anyone out there know of a tool that can be used? It would save so much time and man-hours, not to mention be more accurate. We are only know.

    Shari Elliott
    Drake Software

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    It really all depends on what is it that you are testing for instance the UI, or the dll or?

    We generally use Visual Studio Team Test Edition 2005.
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