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XPRINT up to down instead LTR

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  • XPRINT up to down instead LTR

    I need to print a label and some of the text needs to be up to down aligned. I am using PB Win 8.03 and thought it would be an easy task, but the xprint function can't do it. Can somebody help?

    Thanks in advance

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    Use the XPRINT SET ORIENTATION statement.


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      I tried that already, but it changes the whole page and not just specific text. Also, if I use XPRINT SET ORIENTATION after some other statements, it executes a formfeed and the reminder of the code is printed on a new label.

      Any other idea?


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        You cannot change the orientation of a page while you are in the middle of printing on that page. Windows cannot take the current page in memory and starting shifting around pixels to fit the new orientation, so it thinks you want a new page and this is why you are getting a formfeed. Only change the orientation before you start printing or after you have finished the current page.

        To xprint vertically, you can create a font using a logfont structure with the necessary lfEscapement value. Look in the SDK Help file or search the forums for LOGFONT.

        Steve Rossell
        PowerBASIC Staff


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          Thanks Steve,

          that was the right hint. Works fine now