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  • EDM32 editor

    I'm borrowing the EDM32 editor. I understand I'm in good company (or if not, there is at least safety in numbers). While looking through the code for "ways and means" it occurred to me that someone might have made some notes on function calls, etc - any offers? or should I start making notes.

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    what is it you are exactly looking for? Notes to help you quickly understand what is going on under the hood? What is it you want to do with it? I have a modified version used in an IDE, based around the basic stamp. Do you just want to know how to use it as an MDI editor?



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      Originally posted by Jules Marchildon View Post
      Notes to help you quickly understand what is going on under the hood?
      It just struck me that it is quite a widely used (and even re-written) bit of code of some complexity for which a bit of documentation may have been left lying around somewhere. Having said that, the code and rather few embedded comments are a model of clarity.

      Thanks for your offer of an example, I've moved on a bit with it, possibly beyond help! So far I am using it as both as an embedded editor with file import & export handled by the surrounding application, and as a read-only file viewer. The first took a couple of hours to sort out and the second, 30 minutes. Someone talented could have done it in ten. With documentation you only need it the first time through, then only in the last resort!